Fifth Grade GT Students Place in National Vocabulary Competition

Midway’s fifth grade Gifted and Talented (GT) students recently earned highest honors in the 2022-2023 WordMasters Challenge. 

Fifth grader Jeanelle Hammond accepts her award certificate at the June Midway ISD Board of Trustees meeting.
Fifth grader Jeanelle Hammond accepts her award certificate at the June Midway ISD school board meeting while being recognized for earning a near-perfect score in the WordMasters Challenge.

In this national vocabulary competition involving nearly 125,000 students each school year, the fifth grade team scored an impressive 169 points out of a possible 200 in the last of three meets this year, placing tenth in the nation. 

Additionally, competing in the very difficult Gold Division of the WordMasters Challenge, Jesus Olivares-Lopez, a fifth grade student at South Bosque Elementary, earned a perfect score of 20 in the last meet of the year. Nationally, only 15 fifth graders achieved this result.  

Another South Bosque fifth grader who achieved outstanding results in the last meet of the year is Jeanelle Hammond who earned a near-perfect score of 19 out of 20. These students were coached in preparation for the WordMasters Challenge South Bosque Elementary GT Specialist Lindsey Stevens.

About WordMasters:
The WordMasters Challenge is a learning activity that helps students improve their critical thinking skills. It involves learning and using advanced vocabulary words to solve analogies, which are comparisons that show logical relationships between words. Participating in the challenge helps students develop their analytical and metaphorical thinking skills.

Jun 29, 2023