District Planning

Midway ISD is committed to forethought and making data-informed decisions. Click on the topics below to read more about our planning and initiatives.

MISD is committed to a partnership with vested community members.

How does Midway ISD stay in touch with the heartbeat of Panther Nation? Through committees, community and staff surveys, anecdotal feedback, and professional development involvement, Midway's Board of Trustees and administration are able to respond to urgent needs, concerns, public opinion, staff requests, and the changing educational environments in a responsible, comprehensive and prudent manner.

Board of Trustees (School Board)
The seven-member Midway ISD Board of Trustees is our district’s policy-making body, and meets monthly at minimum. The MISD Board works with the superintendent and staff to set the direction of the school district with the education and well-being of school children as its primary focus. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, hiring and evaluating the superintendent, establishing the tax rate, adopting the district vision statement, adopting the budget, collaborating with the superintendent and adopting policy. The board consists of seven trustees serving terms of three years, with elections held annually. Click here for more information about the MISD School Board. Office of the Superintendent

Emergency Operations Planning Team
Comprised of a campus representative from each of the 11 campuses in the district, school resource officers, and the emergency management coordinator. Provides input and direction with the dissemination of information and the appropriate training for staff and practice drilling for staff and students. Office of Administrative Services

Midway Academic Strategic Team (MAST)
This District-level committee advises the School Board and/or its designee in establishing and reviewing the District’s educational goals, objectives, and major District-wide classroom instructional. The committee shall serve exclusively in an advisory role except that the committee shall approve staff development of a District-wide nature. The MAST committee assists with the formation of the school calendar and maintaining the District Improvement Plan. Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Midway Education Foundation Board
Essentially the "booster club for academics," the Midway ISD Education Foundation Board is made up of volunteer community members who recruit community support for educational programs for both students and staff of the Midway ISD. The Foundation provides funds to enhance educational programs and activities that are beyond the normal operating budget. By funding classroom grants, the Foundation Board is able to choose to add curriculum in classrooms as requested by teachers and approved by community members. Visit the Midway Education Foundation's webpage. Development Department

Midway United Multicultural Committee
Midway United Multicultural Committee will strive to create a safe, inclusive, and equitable school environment that recognizes, celebrates and provides education about the many diverse cultures within Midway ISD. The group consists of parents, staff, and community members coordinated by the Student Services Department into subcommittees addressing celebration of diversity, staff development, academic equity, and administration. Office of Administrative Services

Parent Editorial Board for Panther Nation News
The Parent Editorial Board contributes and directs school business content on Panther Nation News. A representative for each campus ensures transparency and access to information for parents and stakeholders on important topics affecting education in MISD. Communications Department

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
Through collaboration, commitment, diversity, respect, and accountability, the campus and district PTA's bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth; and develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education. Click here for more PTA information. Development Department

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

Comprised of parents, community members, and staff, the SHAC ensures that local community values are reflected in the District’s health education instruction, reviews the amount and level of physical activity, including recess provided to elementary and middles school students, develops nutrition guidelines and wellness goals, and recommends the appropriate grade levels and methods of instruction for human sexuality instruction. Office of Administrative Services

School Safety & Security Committee
Provides District with support services information, participates in developing and implementing emergency plans, and provides oversight for emergency response operations. Includes local police officers, and representatives from the District in the areas of public relations, hazard materials/maintenance, technology, safety, and emergency management. Office of Administrative Services

Spirit of Communications Committee
The district Superintendent meets monthly during the school year with representatives from each campus, plus the Special Education Department and Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE). Campus reps bring questions from their co-workers about any issue affecting the campus or district, and the reps disseminate information on upcoming and current issues at the campus level as well. Office of the Superintendent

Technology Committee
Midway ISD’s District Technology Committee evaluates the current use of technology within the district, provides input on future initiatives, and assists in developing the technology plan based upon feedback gathered from all campuses and the administration. The committee--comprised of teachers, administrators, parents, and students--is overseen by the technology and instructional technology departments. Information Technology Department

Calendar Committee
Teacher representatives from every campus serve on the Calendar Committee to create several options of academic calendars for the following school year, meeting all state criteria. The Calendar Committee works closely with the MAST Committee, and all MISD staff have the opportunity to vote on one of several calendar choices annually before it is adopted by the School Board. Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Benefits Committee
Staff representatives from every campus serve on a committee to evaluate district insurance and benefits annually. This committee also serves to receive presentations from financial administrators when open for bids. Office of Human Resources

Teacher of the Year Committee
Campus teachers of the year are selected by their campus peers, and they go on to compete for the district-level elementary and secondary teachers of the year. The district teachers of the year are selected by a committee of current and retired teachers, plus parent representatives. They are evaluated by the quality of their personal essay and recommendations. Office of Human Resources

Bond Steering Committee
When the School Board is considering calling for a school bond election, the board works with a larger group of nominated taxpayers, parents and staff representatives to fully analyze all components of the bond package. The Steering Committee makes a final recommendation to the Board regarding details of the bond package that should or should not be included. A new Steering Committee is nominated for each bond election to fully represent stakeholders in the components of the bond package. Office of the Superintendent

Surveys and Focus Groups
At both the district and campus levels, MISD regularly uses online tools like forms and surveys to gather input for decisions and feedback of programs and initiatives. This data is important for serving our community's priorities and we encourage your participation in every form, survey or focus group. Communications Department
Midway ISD is a TEA District of Innovation until 2027.

H.B. 1842 (84th Session of the Texas Legislature) in part amended Chapter 12 of the Texas Education Code (TEC) to create Districts of Innovation. Districts are eligible for designation if certain performance requirements are met and the district follows certain procedures for adoption as outlined in Statute. The designation provides the district will be exempt from certain sections of the TEC that inhibit the goals of the district as outlined in the locally adopted Innovation Plan.

View Midway ISD's District of Innovation Plan 2022-2027.
Archive: District of Innovation Plan 2017-2022
Momentum is the 2017 Midway ISD Community Visioning Project. 1272 survey responders and 101 focus group volunteers provided crucial insight and direction for an action plan created by the MISD Leadership Team. The Momentum Action Plan is intended to be a multi-year guide for the advancement of the district in four key areas: Student Achievement, Community Engagement, Funding Priorities, and Facilities.


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides annual academic accountability ratings to its public schools each year. These ratings are primarily based on student performance on standardized tests and graduation rates. The ratings offer a general look at student achievement, student progress, achievement gaps, and secondary readiness.

For more information about all things TEA, Texas accountability, and more about public education, view the TEA website.