Recognizing Midway's 2024 Campus Teachers of the Year

Each year, Midway ISD honors exemplary educators who demonstrate exceptional dedication and commitment to their students. This recognition includes selecting a Teacher of the Year from each elementary campus and two Teachers of the Year from each secondary campus.

Teachers smiling.

Congratulations to Midway’s 2024 Campus Teachers of the Year!

Castleman Creek Elementary: Matt Simper - 4th grade

Chapel Park Elementary: Kristen Taylor - 4th grade

Hewitt Elementary: Abby Neal - Librarian

Park Hill Elementary: Judy Kainer - ESL Facilitator

South Bosque Elementary: April McAdams - 3rd grade

Speegleville Elementary: Peggy Kilgo - Kindergarten

Spring Valley Elementary: Kristi Fajardo - Kindergarten

Woodway Elementary: Abby Batlle - 4th grade

Midway Middle School: Cody Lassetter - Science / Jennifer Parker - Social Studies

River Valley Middle School: Mindy Barnes - English / Nicole Osentoski - Social Studies

Midway High School: Sarah Baranowski - Social Studies / Loren Losli - Science

Mar 28, 2024