Midway Community Approves Funding for Teacher Retention and Recruitment

The Midway Independent School District is grateful for the resounding passage of the Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE) and show of support for our teachers. The MISD Board of Trustees sought community support to address critical funding needs for competitive retention and recruitment of high-quality educators. The overwhelming approval from Midway residents marks a collective endorsement and commitment to educational excellence.

“Great schools exist in great communities,” said Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen. "We are deeply thankful for the overwhelming support from our community. This positive vote will significantly impact the quality of education and opportunities available to our students. It also demonstrates how much our community values educators and the role they play in our future leaders, economy and workforce, and quality of life."

The passage of the VATRE keeps Midway ISD’s tax rate in the lowest third of the county, while also positioning the district to ensure the continuous development of impactful educational programs across all academic levels. As has been noted several times, the District still has budget work to do - the District anticipates a $2M deficit that still needs to be addressed, but the VATRE makes this task achievable. 

“Midway ISD remains committed to utilizing the acquired resources effectively and transparently, ensuring that each dollar contributes to the continuous advancement and success of its students,” said Allen.

Nov 7, 2023