Midway Campus Surprised with Tech Grant for VR Headsets

Woodway Elementary School was selected as one of nine grant recipients for 2024 by the Education Service Center Region 12 Technology Foundation, which is granting funds to support education technology projects. The campus was awarded $15,000 to purchase ClassVR sets to enhance vocabulary acquisition, experiential learning, and student engagement across the campus.

Students and teachers cheer holding giant check.

"Not everybody comes to school with the same experiences, background knowledge, or vocabulary knowledge," Woodway Elementary Principal Nicole Grygar said. "Something like VR where our kids can put on a headset and go into the world they're learning about... that evens the playing field."

The Technology Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed by ESC Region 12 in 2012 to continually leverage resources and drive more money to students and teachers in the classroom. The focus of the Foundation is to help Region 12 schools with educational technology programs and place instructional technology into the hands of students.

"I hope it will be a highly engaging classroom experience for them," Grygar said, "and that when they're learning, they don't realize they're learning, they're having fun."

Mar 25, 2024