$133,000 Presented for Plane Building Program at Midway High School

The Midway Education Foundation, along with several community partners, proudly presented a donation of $133,000 to support the Tango Flight program for Midway High School students starting in the 2024-2025 school year onwards.

Donors smile holding giant check.
L-R: Midway Education Foundation Director Becky Kramm; Midway Education Foundation President Erin Dubois, Midway Education Foundation Director Col. Joe McKethan; and Midway Education Foundation Director and Midway ISD Board of Trustees member Jonathan Green. Students pictured are enrolled in various CTE courses at Midway HS.

Midway High School is set to soar to new heights as it becomes the 12th school in Texas and the second in the area to collaborate with Tango Flight, offering students an innovative opportunity to engage in aerospace engineering and aviation mechanics. 

“Rarely does a school district get to come together in a partnership that does so much good for so many people,” Midway ISD Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen said. “The warm-hearted generosity of the people we serve is being poured right back into our students.”

The check presentation took place at the Midway High School Career and Technology Education (CTE) Center. Jess Wheeler, Director of College and Career Readiness for Midway ISD, accepted the donations on behalf of the school district.

“Through our CTE Program we want to enable kids to have skill sets that really develop and support what McLennan County does right here,” Wheeler said. “We hope that this program is and will be a model for other programs that will be beneficial to students.”

The Midway Education Foundation played a central role in the implementation of this program, serving as the facilitator for the contributions that have made the Tango Flight program a reality. All donations in support of this initiative passed through the Foundation, which, in addition to stewarding these contributions, provided their own significant contribution:

  • $89,962 from the Midway Education Foundation
  • $44,000 courtesy of community partners including Blackhawk Aerospace, TSTC Foundation, Haggard & Stocking, Baylor University Institute for Air Science, and Col. Joe McKethan

“When I say thank you, please know it’s for much more than time and money. It’s for heart, is for care, and it's for believing in the young people that you’ll be serving as much as we do,” Dr. Allen said.

Donors smile holding giant check.
L-R: Blackhawk Aerospace President & CEO Jim Allmon; Blackhawk Aerospace Senior HR & Safety Manager Deborah Waters; Blackhawk Aerospace Marketing Coordinator Caitlyn Wetterman; and Dr. Trey Cade, Baylor University Institute for Air Science. Students pictured are enrolled in various CTE courses at Midway HS.

Tango Flight isn't merely a course; it's a gateway to a world of possibilities in aviation and engineering. The program, a 501c3 educational nonprofit, is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals. Since its inception in 2016, Tango Flight has collaborated with educators and aviation experts nationwide to develop an innovative STEM-focused curriculum.

Students enrolled in Tango Flight are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and hands-on experience to construct and pilot a two-seat FAA-certified airplane. Over the course of two school years, students immerse themselves in aviation and aerospace engineering concepts while collaborating with local businesses and mentors to build the FAA certified plane. The plane is then sold to fund the next plane project and continue the program.

Tango Flight nurtures competitiveness, collaboration, and proficiency among students, aligning with STEM standards, college readiness benchmarks, and expectations of the STEM workforce. The curriculum, crafted to blend classroom learning with practical application, introduces students to aerospace, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, and design engineering.

“This program is very exciting and an incredible opportunity for our students and our district,” Wheeler said. “So, as we take to the skies with Tango Flight, let us remember that the sky is not the limit—it's just the beginning.”

Mar 13, 2024