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Midway Choir Students Awarded Scholarships

On Tuesday May 16, the Midway High School Choir Booster Club hosted their annual awards banquet and awarded $4,000 in scholarships to seven outstanding seniors. $500 scholarships were awarded to Devri Almand, Alissa Ayers, Eliana Barbur, Noah Doss, Andrew Joseph, and Wyatt Somers. Additionally a $1,000 Harrell Family scholarship was awarded to Madeline Greener.

Scholarship recipients smile with certificates.
Left to right: (front row) Booster President Carmen Conaway, Alissa Ayers, Devri Almand, Madeline Greener, Jannifer Rice, (back row) Booster President Erin Conaway, Caleb Overstreet, Eliana Barbur, Noah Doss, Andrew Joseph, Wyatt Somers, and Jeff Rice.

Scholarship winners were decided by a committee of booster club members and evaluated students on their academic achievements, participation in choir, and an essay describing how singing in choir has impacted their lives. Read a few excerpts from these heartfelt essays below:

Alissa Ayers wrote… “When I’m singing, I feel free and as though my heart is open and outpouring. It is a feeling like no other. It is a gift, and I will be forever grateful that I was able to develop this skill. Oftentimes I struggle to express myself, but singing has been the vessel for me to express myself unlike anything else. Through my seven years in Midway’s choir program, I have developed a sense of confidence I didn’t know what possible, and I have learned that through music, I will always have a way to express the deepest parts of my heart.”

Andrew Joseph wrote… “In measure 55 of Good Night Dear Heart by Dan Forrest, the tenors have a moment of dissonance held for two beats before they resolve it for another two, until the whole choir sings the final note of a poignant song that reflects the grief of a parent losing their child. The first time the choir successfully completed that portion I realized two things: not only was I going to have a community within the Midway choral program, but also that new chapter of my life had just begun. Being brand new to the high school was daunting, however choir provided a place in which from day one, I was a part of a team, and being part of that team gave me things to talk about with people, and ultimately develop some of the most meaningful friendships I have ever made in my life.”

Madeline Greener wrote…“When I started choir back in seventh grade, I was embarrassingly timid and terrified by the mere thought of performing. All I knew is that I loved to sing. But little did I know this decision to join choir would change my dreams, relationships, and overall trajectory in life. Over the years, I have come out of my shell and blossomed into the person I am today. Someone who loves to sing, perform, and to work hard toward an artistic goal. All of these traits that I have learned over the past four years are applicable to every aspect of life, not just music. Every day is a day to be kind and humble, to work hard and efficiently; to persevere through difficulty. It has been a blessing to be a part of an artistic community that is so encouraging and it has changed my life goals”

Congratulations to these deserving singers!

May 16, 2023
Fine Arts