Key Advancements in District Communications

At the June Midway ISD school board meeting, Director of Communications Traci Marlin highlighted the successful completion of a three-year strategic plan aimed at enhancing communication systems within the district.

Among the plan’s goals were the development of an easily navigable and comprehensive website, the establishment of an archivable parent communication platform, and the expansion of the district's social media presence. 

The new website, designed with user experience in mind, consolidates information, offers mobile-friendly access, and prioritizes simplicity in navigation. It also ensures compliance with accessibility standards and search engine optimization for improved user experience. Additionally, an increased publication of the district news blog, which is now integrated into the new website, will increase transparency and accessibility to information, and the implementation of a parent editorial board will help guide content by addressing school business-related topics. 

This year also marked the successful launch of Parent Square, a platform providing secure and efficient communication between schools and families. Parent Square facilitates personalized and protected information sharing, streamlining communication and reducing clutter. With a variety of customizable notification options available through the platform such as email, text messages, and alerts, users can personalize their individual communication experience.

In addition to day-to-day communications operations, the communications department provided support for several major district initiatives including opening new campuses, supporting the grade realignment and superintendent search processes, HR recruitment and retention, and the 75th Anniversary District History Project and award-winning panther mascot design.

All of these efforts combined aim to strengthen community engagement, support student success, and foster collaboration. Looking ahead, MISD Communications remains dedicated to the important work of sharing good news, ensuring transparency, and supporting community and parent engagement systems while adapting to users' evolving needs.

Jun 21, 2023