District Police Department: Initial Steps & FAQs

Midway ISD started the process of establishing the district’s own police department with a resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees at the January school board meeting.

In response to recruitment and retention challenges faced by local police departments and to better meet the specific needs of the district, Midway is considering a district police force staffed with its own officers.

Currently, Midway ISD contracts with the Hewitt Police Department and the Woodway Public Safety Department to provide six school resource officers (SROs) serving elementary, middle, and high school campuses. Midway ISD also employs campus safety specialists, ensuring there is at least one armed safety officer present on every campus in the district. 

Due to staffing shortages, Woodway Public Safety will no longer be able to supply an SRO at Midway High School starting in August 2024, which prompted the district to consider a strategic shift.

At the January school board meeting, Dr. Aaron Peña, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, presented the possibility of forming a Midway ISD Police Department starting in the 2024-2025 school year. View his presentation to the board below: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are school district police officers “real” police officers?
Just like any other police officer, school district police can enforce all laws, make arrests, and issue citations for traffic violations and other offenses under state law, including those outlined in the Texas Education Code. School district police attend training just like other law enforcement officers and are certified by the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

What about expenses?
Establishing a district police department has the potential to result in some cost savings with projected expenses for the proposed program estimated to be about $90,000 less than the current safety plan.

Will district police officers be full-time?
Midway ISD Police Officers will be full-time employees of the district. They will work regular school hours during the school year and maintain an on-call schedule after hours. Additionally, having its own officers will expand the district’s ability to service summer events such as summer school and sports camps.

Jan 24, 2024