Midway High School Senior Receives U.S. Air Force Academy Apppointment

Midway High School senior Marshall Kolb will be setting off for the United States Air Force Academy this summer. The Midway Baseball player received an appointment to the Academy in a surprise on-field ceremony before the March 26 baseball game at Midway High School, which ended in a victory for the Panthers.

Baseball player facing American flag.

“It is one thing to be able to enter the world as a young person, but to enter the world in a way that also allows you to provide service and sacrifice is especially commendable,” Midway ISD Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen said.

Marshall received the Congressional Nomination for the Air Force Academy from local Congressman Pete Sessions, one of several guests who spoke during the ceremony.

“Servicemen of the United States Air Force make a commitment to three core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all they do,” Midway ISD Athletic Director Brad Shelton said. “Marshall has always exemplified these values, and now he is answering the nation’s call to defend his country.”

Baseball player smiles with retired service members.
Members of the Service Academy Selection Committee, retired Army Col. Jon Ker (left) and retired Air Force Lt. Col. Harold Rafuse (right), with Midway High School senior Marshall Kolb (center).

Marshall also spoke during the ceremony, expressing gratitude to his teachers and counselors as well as his coaches, teammates, and classmates.

“Y’all have pushed me to be better in every aspect of my life and have encouraged me to chase my dream,” Kolb said. “I am blessed and honored to be in this position.”

“We’ll be proud to call [Marshall] a Midway Alumni,” Shelton said, “but we’ll be even more proud to call [him] an Airman.”

Mar 27, 2024