MS Jr VASE 2024

Midway ISD did well at MS Jr VASE this year....VERY WELL.

The mission of the TAEA Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) is to recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve. Since 2001, the Junior VASE contest became an official progam for Intermediate, Middle Schools, and Junior High Schools in Texas encompassing grades 6th-8th.

Talented students from both MISD Middle Schools competed on April 20th and received 43 gold medals between our two campuses! Students who are in the top 10% of the gold medalists additionally compete for a platinum medal.  

Midway MS had two 6th graders with perfect gold medal scores who competed in the platinum round.  

River Valley MS had three 7th graders and one 8th grader who competed in the platinum round and each of these students received the platinum medal, the highest honor given in this competition.


Competing students taught by:

MMS 6th Gr Art Teacher = Gretchen Lamborn

MMS 7th Gr Art Teacher = Robert Rynearson

MMS 7th/8th Gr Art Teacher = Nicholas Jones

GOLD – PERFECT SCORE:  (competed for platinum, but did not win a platinum medal)

  1. Simone Berthe Mangan, 6th
  2. Katie Osborne, 6th


  1. Vivian Baker, 8th
  2. Thanh Thanh Bien, 6th
  3. Arianna DuBose, 6th  
  4. Juliette Garcia, 6th  
  5. Michaela Holder, 6th
  6. JaMearius Lacy, 6th
  7. Jaidem Matson, 6th
  8. Reace Nelson, 7th
  9. Alexa Peterson, 6th
  10. Victoria Pratt, 8th
  11. Leighton Putz, 6th
  12. Madilyn Rivera, 7th
  13. Ava Sousa, 6th
  14. Riley Sousa, 6th
  15. Kyndall Spannagel, 6th
  16. Madilyn Vaughn, 6th
  17. Imogen Willingham, 6th


Competing students taught by:

(6th grade did not compete from this campus)

MMS 7th Gr Art Teacher = Adriana Crespo

MMS 7th/ 8th Gr Art Teacher = Taira Davis


  1. Phillip Alvarado, 7th
  2. Luna Echols, 7th
  3. Eleanor Goodman, 8th (2nd entry also gold)
  4. Nadia Gunn, 7th


  1. Claire Chae, 7th
  2. Kasey Conway, 8th (2 entries…both gold)
  3. Zoey Goldstrich, 7th
  4. Daniel Kim, 7th
  5. Sarah McCarthy, 8th (2 entries…both gold)
  6. Maven McClure, 7th
  7. Isabella Morales, 7th
  8. Parrish Muehlenbein, 8th
  9. Emily Nguyen, 7th (2 entries…both gold)
  10. Hazel Pellicer, 8th
  11. Haley Peyton, 8th (2 entries…both gold)
  12. Salvatore Pizzino, 7th
  13. Lilly Powers,8th
  14. Liam Rama, 8th
  15. Emaan Shaikh, 7th
  16. Allison Smith, 8th
  17. Crew Smith, 7th
  18. Elise Snider, 8th
  19. Nate Vega, 7th