Pick up / Drop off Procedures

TRAFFIC CONCERNS The traffic congestion in and around our parking lots during pick up and drop off times is a concern. Participating in a car pool and using district school bus service, if eligible, are ways to lessen the congestion. We hope you share our belief that any minor inconvenience is worth the safety of each of our students.
Drop off and pick up of students: Parents may use either entrance to drop off a student. After school pick up is in the back, Oak St. parking lot only. Staff will be on duty to assist with an orderly system to move students to the car as quickly as possible. It is appropriate for parents to form one line to the right of the entrance lane closest to the curb. Students can exit or enter their cars at any place along the sidewalk. Parents can exit the parking lot using the left side of the entrance lane. Students are not permitted to exit or enter cars on Speegleville Road or Oak Drive for the fact that safety is compromised for parents, students, and other motorists passing through.
Parents may also use the left side of the entrance lane to go directly to the parking lot, park, and escort their students to the sidewalk area. We ask that parents not let children out of their vehicles in the left lane of traffic to walk between cars to enter the building. Parents must escort their children from the sidewalk in the afternoon if they choose to park in the parking lot. A crossing guard is employed to help students cross Oak Dr. If students cross Oak Dr., they must proceed to the crosswalk and be assisted by the crossing guard. The River Valley Intermediate School opens at 7:15 AM each day. We encourage parents to plan to drop off students before 7:45 AM as traffic is significantly more congested from 7:45-8:00 AM. The school day ends at 3:20 PM each day. We encourage parents to pick up students after 3:30 PM as traffic is significantly less congested by that time.
Thank you for your cooperation.