MMS is a Professional Development School

The teacher education program at Baylor University emphasizes interdisciplinary preparation in general education, strong content preparation in the academic majors, and professional education that is field based.  Candidates in teacher education progress from Novice to Teaching Associate to Intern by demonstrating competencies in teaching situations that are increasingly complex and diverse, and do so with increasing independence.
Professional Development Schools are innovative institutions formed through partnerships between professional education programs at universities and P-12 schools.  Their mission is professional preparation of candidates, faculty development, inquiry directed at the improvement of practice, and enhanced student learning.
Professional Development School partners work together over time, building relationships and commitment to their shared goals.  They develop new strategies, roles, and relationships to support their work.  Together, they move to institutionalize their partnership so that it is supported and becomes a part of their institutions' expectations.
Students, Teaching Associates and Interns, and district faculty benefit from opportunities to learn in the context of a Professional Development School partnership. PDSs are settings in which  new practitioners, P-12 faculty and university faculty can learn to meet the challenges of 21st century education together, because the expertise and resources of both university and the district support them.