Special Programs

MISD Foundation Award:

This fund honors current teachers through a donation to the Foundation. Teachers are sent notification of your gift, along with a MISD Foundation pin and a note from you, if desired. 

Contact the Education to make this gift.

NOTE: Until updated properly, please enter Teacher's first name and last name in the student section of donation form.  List campus instead of Student ID & enter any letter for grade.

Sponsor a Letter Jacket:

This year, you have a chance to sponsor a reward for a junior or senior maintaining a 95 or higher cumulative GPA. 

Students qualifying 3+ semesters earn an academic letter jacket patch. Those achieving this honor for five semesters are eligible for an academic letter jacket.
Program Costs: 

Academic Patch & Year Bar - $13.50
Academic Letter Jacket - $44
Academic Letter Blanket - $70

Click here to give to sponsor a letter jacket.

Grandparents Club:

Support the Foundation by honoring your child through the Grandparent's Club. Students receive good wishes in the classroom from the grandparent and the Foundation along with a special small gift from the Foundation.  Donations to this program benefit the Grants for Great Ideas program. 
Members of the Grandparent's Club will be listed in the Spring Newsletter.