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Soldiers of the Wooden Cross Scholarship

Waco Foundation serves as a facilitator of several scholarships funded by local donors. In addition to the MAC Grant, high school seniors in McLennan County are eligible to apply for the Soldiers of the Wooden Cross Scholarship if they have any connection to someone in the military or the applicant is in the JROTC program at your campus. This provides a $1000 award to the selected recipient.


How to Apply:

Students who have already completed their eligibility quiz when applying for the MAC grant should already be able to see the SOWC scholarship application populate on their Waco Foundation application portal, if they are eligible to apply.


If students have not created a profile on the Waco Foundation portal, they will need to start here. Once they have completed their profile they will need to complete the Eligibility Quiz. The system will determine their eligibility for all Waco Foundation Scholarships when completing this quiz. If you know a student that should be eligible for the SOWC scholarship please make sure they mark “yes” on the Military Connection question on the quiz (see below).

Should your students have any issues with the application populating in their portal please don’t hesitate to contact our office.