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MMS Track Information

MMS 2022

Parent Meeting Info


  1. Track practices will be held on Monday-Wednesday after school for runners and field events. Practices will begin at 4:00 PM and end at 5:15 PM. Students will be picked up at the teacher's parking lot or the Middle School parking lot on the Taco Casa side between
  2. Attendance wilt be taken every day and if an athlete misses practice they need to inform their coach beforehand. School-related activities are excused. Please make every attempt to go to morning tutorials for help and make up assignments and not after school. If athletes miss two practices without notifying a coach, they will be removed from the team.
  3. Practice attire-Shorts, t-shirts, sweats, tennis shoes. Leggings are acceptable as long as shorts are worn over them.
  4. You do not have to buy track spikes. Once you know what event your child is doing, then you may buy equipment accordingly. A good pair of running shoes will be great for practice.
  5. Behavior/Grades- Represent MMS well. No pass, no play. Athletes will be held accountable for their behavior in the classroom and in athletics and will have passing grades.
  6. Weather- We will notify students/parents through an announcement via Sportsyou App. (access code- D9R6wDHCQ) if a practice or meet is canceled due to inclement weather and also the location for practice.
  7. For each meet- There will be two teams (Red and Blue) We will take the athletes that have the fastest times, best throws and jumps, and who have been at practice. Just because your child does not make it one week, does not mean they can't the next week. We cannot guarantee that every athlete will be able to make a meet, but we will do our best to have them involved.
  8. There will be time and distance trials for each event. If an athlete does not meet or exceed the stated time or distance for each event, they will not be allowed to participate in that event. If an athlete does not meet any of the stated times or distances in any event, they will be removed from track.
  9. Meet entries will be posted by Tuesday evening for our Thursday meets through Sportsyou App. (access code- D9R6-DHCQ).
  10. Meet attire- Due to colder weather, wearing tights underneath uniforms is acceptable. Students need to wear black tights underneath if they are wearing their own. Uniforms will be provided.
    • . Each athlete must also have a physical and rankone paperwork completed before the due date of Febuary 10th. Students will not be eligible to participate without completed papetwork, If an athlete has played a sport prior to track their physical and paperwork will already be completed.

1 1 . We will need travel cards for all track athletes. They are not allowed to travel with the team unless they have a travel card filled out. If your son or daughter participated in a school sport already this year, they will not have to fill another one out.

  • If your child plans on riding home with you after the meet, they must get signed out with a coach and must be signed out by parents and/or guardians ONLY. We cannot allow siblings, grandparents, friends or other relatives to sign out your child.

13, If your child gets injured or hurt, please make sure that they see the trainer, Mrs. Meek, and get treatment from her. Treatment time-6:30am.

  1. Email addresses:

Boys Head Coach-

Girls Head Coach-

Sportsyou App. (access code- D9R6-DHCQ) - We will use this to inform you of canceled practices due to weather, track meet information, and any other pertinent information you may need.


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