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Life Insurance

**As of 9/1/2019 Texas Life will no longer be an offered benefit. If you previously were enrolled in a Texas Life policy, you may be grandfathered in and continue payroll deductions for your plan premiums. If you would like a new policy or want to make changes to an existing policy you will have to port your policy by contacting Texas Life and pay for it on your own by ACH.* 
Lincoln Life Insurance:
The district provides each employee with a $10k life insurance policy at no cost to the employee. If the employee would like to increase that amount or take our a policy for spouse or dependents, those premium costs will be the employee's responsibility. 
Chubb Life Insurnace:
Texas Life   
Click to visit the Texas Life website.  
  • Customer Service (800) 283-9233 ext. 6814
  • Claims Customer Service (800) 283-9233 ext. 6813
  • Group ID # SM2420