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  • Midway ISD is a sought-after district in the Central Texas area with nationally recognized teachers, custom curricula and supportive community involvement. Midway’s pre-K through 12th grade enrollment has grown to more than 8,300 students at six elementary schools, two intermediate schools, a middle school and a high school, while maintaining the highest expectations in academics.

    Midway ISD focuses on providing a learner-centered environment to engage and challenge students. Staff and students alike can utilize advanced technology and innovative programs throughout all campuses.

    Midway graduates are prepared for work, college and military through nationally renowned programs and numerous options for state endorsements to suit the individual student. MISD curriculum also showcases award-winning fine arts, distinctive career and technical education programs, and competitive 6A athletics. Faculty and students benefit from a distinguished professional development school partnership with Baylor University. 

    For the latest news and achievements, visit Panther Nation News (pnn.midwayisd.org). For a thorough reports, click here for annual district reports or here for district reporting and accountability.


Mission, Vision & Goals

  • Vision Statement

    Innovation, Commitment, and Excellence

    Mission Statement

    Midway ISD will maximize individual potential within a learner-centered and supportive environment to prepare students to excel in a global society.

    Core Beliefs

    • Every person has inherent worth.
    • Every person can learn and has unique academic, social, spiritual and physical needs.
    • A well-educated citizenry is central to a free society.
    • Students learn best in a partnership between the home, the community, and the school district that shares accountability and high expectations for a quality educational experience.
    • Rules and laws combined with personal responsibility are the foundation for a quality educational experience.
    • Efficiency and effectiveness are fundamental to a successful organization.
    • Personal integrity is essential to maintain trust.
    • Respect for others is essential for a well-functioning society.
    • Good role models are crucial to the positive development of our children; parents, guardians and district personnel are among the most influential role models.

    MISD District Goals

    Goal 1: Meet the academic, social, spiritual and physical needs of a diverse student population
    Critical Issues and action items identified by the Board of Trustees
    • Respond appropriately to the needs of all students and their families
    • Develop engaging curriculum that meets the changing needs of all children
    • Provide and support extracurricular offerings tailored to the size and diversity of the student population
    • Sustain and support the use of digital learning in the classroom to enhance student academics and success
    • Support, communicate, and develop curricular offerings and student experiences that promote full
    • participation in the endorsement academies including career exposure for high school students
      through internships
    Goal 2: Provide influential role models through the recruitment, retention, and support of highly qualified faculty and staff
    Critical Issues and action items identified by the Board of Trustees
    • Hire quality personnel including staff that matches the diversity of the district’s student population
    • Retain quality personnel by promoting a positive work environment throughout the district
    • Remain cognizant of increasing competition locally and state-wide for quality personnel by prioritizing salary, stipends, and benefits in order to attract the brightest and best employees
    • Provide sufficient staffing to meet the needs of a robust curriculum that reflects student demographics and state requirements
    • Focus staff development on meeting the needs of the district’s diverse student and staff population
    • Focus staff development on addressing the needs of our special education students
    • Provide ongoing staff development that does not interfere with instructional time or day to day responsibilities
    • Promote more opportunities for cross-campus collaboration to share ideas, strategies, and training
    Goal 3: In partnership with our community, provide a safe and secure, supportive, attractive and technologically-advanced environment
    Critical Issues and action items identified by the Board of Trustees
    • Promote physical and emotional well-being of students ensuring that the proper structure is in place to provide essential knowledge and skills
    • Continue innovative plans for addressing parental involvement in schools and at home
    • Effectively communicate accurate information about the district
    • Maximize collaborative efforts with local school districts and local government entities for the benefit of our community
    • Identify and utilize community resources to address the needs of students
    • Promote digital citizenship and provide a technologically-appropriate learning environment
    Goal 4: Advocacy: The District provides input and feedback to the legislature, State Board of Education, and the Texas Education Agency regarding issues in public education to ensure maximum effectiveness and benefit to students.
    Critical Issues and action items identified by the Board of Trustees
    • Advocate for an updated school finance system which takes changing student and district characteristics into account and rising state expectations based on a lack of adequate and sustainable funding currently in place for all district programs 
    • Actively oppose any legislation that further erodes local control 
    • Inform staff members and the school board on issues and proposed bills affecting education 
    • Educate local representatives on the business of education and issues facing schools 
    • Foster relationships with elected officials 
    • Utilize staff involved in state organizations
    • Closely monitor the state accountability system to promote a system that does not focus solely on standardized assessments and takes into account other indicators of student success



    Our Schools
    Total number of campuses:  10
    Elementary:  6
    Intermediate:  2
    Middle School: 1
    High School: 1


    Total number of students: 8,234
    American Indian/Alaskan – 0.19%
    African American – 11.74%
    Asian - 4.36%
    Hawaiian/Pacific Islander – 0.17%
    Hispanic – 23.89%
    White/Anglo – 56.56%
    Two or more ethnicities – 3.08%
    Total number of all staff: 1,113
    Total number of classroom instructors: 547 
    *updated September 4, 2018


    Geographic Location

    Midway ISD is a 6A school district located in the heart of central Texas. The district includes part of the city of Waco, the neighboring communities of Woodway, Hewitt, Speegleville, plus parts of McGregor, Lorena and Crawford. The total (MSA) population for the Waco metropolitan area is 224,668. Just 90 miles from Dallas, Texas and 100 miles from Austin, Texas, Waco is the 23rd largest city in Texas. Waco is the proud host of Baylor University, McLennan Community College, and Texas State Technical College.