Facility Scheduling & Rental

  • MISD uses SchoolDude FSDirect, an online facility scheduling system, to reserve spaces and coordinate support for internal events and external rentals.  Facility requests are submitted online.  Requests route through an approval process and become activated schedules upon final approval.  Please see the sections below for more information on submitting requests for internal and external events.

    MISD Facility Usage Guidelines

  • Internal/MISD Events 

    This section is for staff members to request facilities for staff/student activities.  This is not for external activities. Examples of Internal/MISD Events: open house, parent info night, book fair, staff meeting, coach's meeting with parents, volleyball game, choir concert, student council meeting, professional learning, etc.
    The links below will take you to MyLocker. Use your network login:
    MySchoolBuilding     Requestors: general staff members  

    schooldude     Site Admins: approvers, managers, select support personnel