About ASEP

  • Our After School Enrichment Program puts a focus on homework and reading first, followed by enrichment activities such as utilizing the MMS Craft Studio, using the gym, relays, games, using the computer lab, going outside to the creek, and cooking demonstrations from Chef Rudy. We provide a snack every day and offer homework help. We normally spend about an hour a day finishing homework, and have a 20-30 minute reading time. We also have parties for special occasions.




  • dustin_gann

    Dustin Gann

    MMS After School Enrichment Program Manager




    Midway Middle School

    800 N. Hewitt Dr., Hewitt, TX 76643


How to Enroll

  • To enroll, you can either apply here or pick up an enrollment form from the office or Panther Lounge. There is no deadline to enroll. You can even enroll on the first day of school.


  • Pickup:

    • Please pickup no later than 6pm.
    • Pickup is in the bus lane at MMS next to the stairs. Students will exit out of that side door. If you are picking up between 3:30-3:40pm, please park and go to through the front office (buses will be in the bus lane at that time). Please do not block buses at any time.


    • The MMS After School Program behavior guidelines are exactly aligned with those of Midway Middle School and Midway Independent School District. All rules that apply during the school day apply during After School time. Please refer to those documents for more information: Code of Conduct, Student Handbook, & Dresscode.


  • The price is $100 per month (due by the 16th day of the month). It is $50 per month if the student benefits from the Free or Reduced Lunch program. Midway Employees get a half-off discount, however this discount does not stack with the Reduced Lunch Program.

    The first payment of the school year is due on August 31 and covers the August and September bills. The following payment is due on October 16. There is a late fee of $5 per day after the 16th day of the month. If no payment is made by the last day of the month, enrollment is terminated. 

    You can pay tuition to Dustin Gann (by check), the MMS Front Office (by check, cash, money order or credit/debit) or online (by credit/debit). Click here for instructions on how to pay online.