Guide to Midway ISD Acronyms and Abbreviations

    504 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    1:1 One-to-One Initiative (mobile devices)
    ACT American College Testing (or just ACT)
    ADA Average Daily Attendance
    AEIS Academic Excellence Indicator System
    AP Advanced Placement (class or test) or Assistant Principal
    ARD Admission, Review and Dismissal
    AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination
    AYP Adequate Yearly Progress
    BCPP Blue Crew Panther Patrol
    BTSS Back to School Summit
    CCR College and Career Readiness
    CIP Campus Improvement Plan
    COC Code of Conduct
    CTE Career and Technical Education
    DAEP Disciplinary Alternative Education Program
    DIP District Improvement Plan
    EAC Employee Access Center
    EAP Employee Assistance Program
    ELA English Language Arts
    ELL English Language Learners
    EOC End of Course (exams)
    EOP Emergency Operating Procedures (or Plan)
    EPCD Extended Program for Children with Disabilities
    ES, IS, MS or HS Elementary, Intermediate, Middle or High School
    ESC Education Service Center
    ESL English as a Second Language
    EXCEL Refers to computerized courses (not an acronym)
    ExCET Examination for the Certification of Educators in Texas
    FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    F&P Fountas and Pinnell
    GPA Grade Point Average
    GT Gifted & Talented
    HAC Home Access Center
    HB3 House Bill 3 (86th Legislative Session 2019)
    HB5 House Bill 5 (83rd Legislative Session 2013)
    IBIS Intensive Behavioral Intervention & Support
    IEP Individual Education Program
    IGC Individual Graduation Committee
    ISS In-School Suspension
    LAR Local Accountability Report
    LAUNCH Learning Activities Uniting Children
    LEP Limited English Proficiency
    MAC Midway Activity Center ("The Indoor")
    MAST Midway Academic Strategic-Planning Team
    MCJROTC Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
    MEF Midway ISD Education Foundation
    MISD Midway Independent School District
    NCLB No Child Left Behind
    PAC Performing Arts Center
    PDAS Professional Development and Appraisal System
    PE Physical Education
    PEIMS Public Education Information Management System
    PEP Pregnancy Education Parenting program
    PIR Public Information Request
    PK Panther Kids
    PLC Professional Learning Communities
    PLTW Project Lead the Way
    PNN Panther Nation News
    PPCD Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities
    Pre-K Pre-Kindergarten
    PTA Parent Teacher Association
    QBC Quarterback Club (football booster club)
    RTI Response to Intervention
    SAT Scholastic Assessment Test
    SBEC State Board for Educator Certification
    SBOE State Board of Education
    SCC Student Code of Conduct
    SES Socioeconomic Status
    SHAC School Health Advisory Council
    SOC Spirit of Communication (council)
    SOY Student of the Year
    SRO School Resource Officer
    STAAR State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness
    TAC Teacher Access Center
    TASB Texas Association of School Boards
    TEA Texas Education Agency
    TEC Texas Education Code
    TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
    TIA Teacher Incentive Allotment
    TOY Teacher of the Year
    TPESS Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System
    TRS Teacher Retirement System
    TTESS Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System
    UIL University Interscholastic League
    USDE United States Department of Education
    VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    WADA Weighted Average Daily Attendance
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