Midway ISD's Mentoring and Induction Programs


    A Worthy Investment

    Midway ISD believes that contributing to the development of effective teachers yields students who love learning and are well-prepared for success, as well as happy teachers who enjoy their work. The Midway mentoring and induction program ensures that incoming teachers are trained, equipped, and ready to thrive as part of a quality educational team.

    ALL Incoming Midway Teachers are provided experiences designed to provide equity and access for teachers new to Midway’s resources and opportunities.

  • Campus Mentors

    All incoming teachers are matched with a campus mentor who has a similar teaching assignment, who is in close proximity to the new teacher’s classroom, and who has demonstrated a mentor’s heart. Trained mentors will partner with incoming teachers to be certain that questions are answered, expectations are clear, and the new teacher is welcomed by campus personnel.



    Summer iPad Session

    All incoming Midway teachers register for a summer session to receive iPads, complete paperwork, take badge photos, and learn about benefits and resources available. Groups are limited to 15 new teachers to allow personal interaction with district leadership.



    New Teacher Orientation

    All incoming teachers receive 3 days of professional development that includes information about paychecks, benefits, T-TESS, policies, curriculum, instructional coaching, mentoring, and innovative uses of technology. Teachers have opportunities to connect with other new teachers and enjoy meals with campus and district leadership as they learn about Midway.



    What You Need, When You Need It

    Incoming Midway teachers are individuals with diverse backstories. In addition to providing each teacher a campus mentor, a reserved seat in the New Teacher Orientation, and an all-in-one Summer iPad Session, our support program recognizes and responds to individual differences by providing levels of support to match each incoming teacher’s needs.


    First Year Teachers

    First Year Teachers participate in a comprehensive induction program designed to give each beginning teacher a successful first year. Induction includes training for the first days, observations of teachers with similar schedules, orientation and celebrations on home campuses, and sessions to develop classroom management, communication with parents, T-TESS goals, and skills for dealing with challenging behaviors. First year teachers receive a $150 voucher for classroom supplies from Midway’s Education Foundation.



    Second Year Teachers

    Second Year Teachers receive continued support focused on refining and developing effective teaching skills. Second year teachers are provided guidance in creating and monitoring progress toward yearly T-TESS goals. They also participate in an annual round table discussion with district leadership.



    Veteran Teachers

    Veteran Teachers need opportunities to learn about district and campus structures, expectations, resources, personnel, and procedures, as well as to be greeted by welcoming colleagues. Our program ensures a smooth assimilation into the campus and district culture.



    Fine Arts Teachers

    Fine Arts Teachers often are the only teacher on a campus with their teaching assignment. In that case, incoming fine arts teachers are provided both a campus mentor and a content mentor. The campus mentor assists with campus expectations for teachers. The content mentor is typically on another campus and communicates with the new teacher to provide specific content support, instructional ideas, and vertical alignment.



    Grow Your Own Awardees

    Grow Your Own Awardees represent Midway’s commitment to the professional growth of its staff. Each year the Midway Education Foundation selects three Midway paraprofessionals who are recommended by their campus principal as promising future teachers and whose applications demonstrate a commitment to education. The cost of the alternative certification program is paid by the foundation and the awardees are provided a campus mentor and a district supervisor to facilitate the completion of the certification.