Access Your Child's STAAR Report Card

  • The Texas Education Agency publishes STAAR report cards for all students every year.  These STAAR report cards are often referred to as Confidential Student Reports.  Beginning in 2017, the agency has redesigned the reports in an effort to improve communication and transparency with educators and families.  The new format seeks to highlight growth and improvement as much as proficiency, while giving parents resources to help with student learning.

    You can access your child's report through the Texas Assessment Student Portal.
    Click on "Log in to Student Portal" or "Find my Unique Access Code".  
     Student Portal Log In
     If you need to look up your child' unique access code, fill in your child's legal first name, social security number (or state issued number), and date of birth.
     Access Code
    Click "Go" to lookup your child's access code.  If you are successful, you will see the a screen with the access code inserted.  This unique access code does not change from year to year and remain with your child throughout school.
    Click "Go" again to see your child's testing history.
    If you have any technical difficulties, please contact your child's campus.