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    MHS Mission Statement:
    Midway High School is dedicated to providing a learning environment in which each student can develop and become a mature and responsible citizen. 

    School Colors: Red, White and Blue   |   Mascot: Panther   |   School Songs


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    We Believe:

    1. Every person has inherent worth.
    2. Every person can learn and has unique academic, social, spiritual and physical needs.
    3. A well-educated citizenry is central to a free society.
    4. Students learn best in a partnership between the home, the community, and the school district that shares accountability and high expectations for a quality educational experience.
    5. Rules and laws combined with personal responsibility are the foundation for a quality educational experience.
    6. Efficiency and effectiveness are fundamental to a successful organization.
    7. Personal integrity is essential to maintain trust.
    8. Respect for others is essential for a well-functioning society.
    9. Good role models are crucial to the positive development of our children; parents, guardians and district personnel are among the most influential role models.
    The Goals of Midway High School are:
    1. All Midway High School students will meet the academic, social, spiritual and physical needs of a diverse student population.
    2. Midway High School will provide influential role models through the recruitment and retention of highly qualified faculty and staff.
    3. Midway High School in partnership with our community, will provide a safe, pleasant, attractive and technologically advanced environment.


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