• Everything You Need to Know About MHS Clubs

    Want to know about a club? Email the listed teacher/coach sponsor.

    Need to know about anything else? Email Assistant Principal kayla.brown@midwayisd.org who is over clubs.

    Need to update this list? Contact jamie.beavers@midwayisd.org



    Welcome to a comprehensive, alphabetized list of every official club at Midway High School, including room numbers and emails of teachers/sponsors of each club. If you have questions you can drop by their rooms or contact them through email. 
    ASL Club – You don’t have to be in the class to join this awesome club! Come join to learn American Sign Language to converse with Waco’s deaf community. The club hosts a Deaf Day every year where they play games, eat pizza, and bond with our deaf neighbors.
    Best Buddies – In this club, you get together with special needs student and play games. Not only is it a fun chance to hang out with friends, it supports the Special Needs community. Contact 



    Blue Crew/Panther Patrol – Midway Blue Crew & Panther Patrol supports Midway's football program by providing a home game atmosphere at all games on the sidelines. Please contact the club sponsor if you have any questions.  joshua.dietert@midwayisd.org


    BPA – While Business Professionals of America does not have a regular meet time, they meet once or twice a year. This group offers the opportunity to compete in all areas of business. It also involves networking and face to face experience because students meet judges and get opportunities for jobs and internships.
    Room: 125 Teacher: jami.ragsdale@midwayisd.orgor Room 129 tanya.lacy@midwayisd.org


    Chess – New and experienced players are welcome to Chess club. Never played before? Come on in! Learn how to think strategically and compete with your friends. Room: 320 Teacher: bj.williams@midwayisd.org
    Club MVP – Cheering on the volleyball team is the goal of this fun-filled club! They meet every home district volleyball game (Tuesdays and Fridays). They build up spirit and give the team and crowd worth fighting for every time they hit the court. Room: 310/334 Teacher:



    Computer Science – Challenges, competitions, and coding. Learn how to code or build onto your experience with the computer science club. Even if you’re not planning on pursuing a career in this field, it still looks good on college applications and it’s fun! Room: 323 Teacher: susan.jones@midwayisd.org
    Debate – Do research, write cases, and compete in tournaments with the MHS Debate Club. Members will learn to be more persuasive, to think on their feet, and to channel their passion into convincing arguments. Plus, have fun with your friends! This year, Debate Club does not require a class. Room: 323 Teacher: susan.jones@midwayisd.org
    Student Democrats Club – email pamela.hunt@midwayisd.org for info 
    FCA – Come to talk about your faith and get donuts! To join FCA, you don’t have to be an athlete. They learn a bible verse every day, pray over the school, and learn about god, wisdom and kindness. Room: 407 Teacher: jamie.flowers@midwayisd.org
    FFA – To join this group, you need to be enrolled in an ag science class. The Future Farmers of America develop real world skills as well as leadership skills. They have meetings, service projects, different types of contests, livestock shows, scholarships and much more. Their next meeting is on October 3rd at Hewitt Park from 5:30 – 7:30. Room: 113 or the Shop Teacher:



    Forensic Science Club – This club is relating to the forensic science field and divisions. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this field, you should check out this club! Note: This club has not started meeting yet. Room: 411 Teacher: kasha.gorham@midwayisd.org
    French Club – This club is only for students enrolled in the French class. Come to do crafts and increase your cultural awareness. Also: Snacks! Updates will come during your French class period. Room: 100
    Girls Who Code – While the computer science club focuses on the general field, Girls Who Code focuses on the coding aspect. This nationwide club is committed to closing the gender gap in technology. It’s a good opportunity to meet other future female leaders in coding. Room: 323 Teacher: susan.jones@midwayisd.org
    GSA – The Gay Straight Alliance boasts of parties, games, and learning about the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a place for straight people and LGBTQ+ people to come together and learn more about each other while having lots of fun! No judgments.
    HOSA – This club is for helping future health care professionals find what they want career they want to pursue. HOSA also offers Spirit of Midway hours and experience to help you enter the medical field. Room: 426 Teacher: Jeanette.groves@midwayisd.org
    Journalism Department – While journalism and commercial photography courses aren't a "club" per se, the yearbook and newspaper courses are considered "extraacurricular" activities for students who also take the classes. Click this link to read more about the classses or email jamie.beavers@midwayisd.org 
    Midway Maniacs – Midway Maniacs is only active during Basketball season (From November -  January). Maniacs cheer on the school basketball team as they take the court! Room: 337 Teacher:


    Mountain Biking – Yearning for an adventure? Join the mountain biking club! As a member, you will meet at the tennis courts to run drills and practice. You’ll learn about the trails of Waco and get experience all while biking around with your friends. Already have a bike? Then you’re all set! If you don’t have a bike, be sure to grab a spot fast because a limited number of bikes are provided. Room: 412 Teacher: brady.gibson@midwayisd.org
    MPACT/PALs – This group requires either a 5th or 6th period class. PALS/MPACT members run fish camp at the beginning of the year to welcome the new students to MHS! The group is also in charge of the Foster Child gift adoption program we do as a school every year. If you genuinely care about kids and have a desire to see the younger students succeed, this club is for you. This is only for Juniors and Seniors. The group is also in charge of the Foster Child gift adoption program we do together every year. Room: 503 Teacher:



    NHS – Invitations for the National Honor Society will be sent out in the Spring to Juniors and Seniors with an average GPA of 97 or higher. It gives you a chance to do community service and looks good on college applications. Students involved will be required to do volunteering and tutoring hours. Room: 337 Teacher: sarah.baranowski@midwayisd.org


    Political Science – Political Science Club is for politically active students who enjoy discussing issues important to our community. It’s a chance for students to express their political views and get a wider worldview. The expectation, however, is to be kind and respectful. The club is nonpartisan. Room: 337 Teacher: sarah.baranowski@midwayisd.org
    Robotics – Robotics is a team that competes in robot-building competitions. They meet through October, November and December. An objective is released that the team must meet while scoring as many points as possible.  You should join if you are interested in mechanisms and how things work, engineering, and the general process. No class is required. Room: 413 Teacher: ben.kosarek@midwayisd.org 
    Spanish Club - This club only meets for events such as the International Dinner, the Zoo, the trip to San Antonio, and the Latin Dance class. Officers meet some Friday mornings at 7:30 a.m. Spanish club is only for students in a Spanish class who want to enhance their cultural and linguistic understanding of the Spanish language/people. Room: 124 Teacher:



    Strategic Gaming Club – Dungeons and Dragons, Super Smash Bros Tournaments, board games, Minecraft…need I say more? If you like to have fun, this club is the one for you! Socialize with friends and escape from school for a few hours. This is a come-and-go club that requires no entry fee or commitment. Room: 320 Teacher: bj.williams@midwayisd.org
    Student Council – StuCo does campus beautification, volunteer work, different activities around the school and organizes events. Want to make a difference in our community and have a say in how the school is run? Join Student Council, starting in October. Room: 409 Teacher: ben.kosarek@midwayisd.org
    Theoretical Physics/Schrodinger’s Lounge – In this club, discuss scientific topics, both the real and theoretical. Members of this club will learn about different scientific aspects of the universe. If you’re interested in science and want a fun place to hang out and do homework after school, this is the club for you! Room: 416 Teacher:



    UIL Academic Team – Starting in October, compete in academic events with the school UIL team. Winning provides participants with scholarship opportunities should you make it to the state level. It’s fun and engaging teamwork that looks great on college applications. Room: 337



    Unbound  - This initiative is a part of a national organization dedicated to activating local communities to stop human trafficking. Unbound provides prevention and awareness, survivor advocacy and professional training for the purpose of stopping these crimes and helping survivors of these crimes. Join them today to make a difference in your community. Contact:



    Please note: The list does not include sports activities or in-class clubs. If you have any information about clubs not listed, please contact Jamie.beavers@midwayisd.org