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    Employee Access Center

    Computer IconThe Employee Access Center is a web-based program that allows employees to view payroll and leave history as well as their personnel information.

    The EAC provides employees with a convenient website so they can easily access their own employee information. Employees will be able to view demographic information, salary and benefit statements, leave balances, attendance history, and certification information. Either from home or work, you can have secure access to your payroll and personnel information through a web browser interface.



    Salary Schedules

    Money Icon Midway Independent School District offers competitive salaries, incentives, and benefits for their employees. We have a comprehensive compensation plan that is evaluated annually during the budget process. Market surveys and other salary information are reviewed in order for MISD to remain competitive with the labor markets and continue to recruit and retain highly qualified personnel.

    All links below feature the compensation details for each category for the current school year.

    Stipends for hard-to-fill areas:

    • High School Math and Science ($2,000)
    • Middle School Math and Science ($1,000)
    • Foreign Language ($1,000)
    • Identified Special Education areas ($1,000)
    • Bilingual ($2,000)
    • Master’s degree: add $1,000
    • Doctoral degree: add $3,000



    W-4 & Payroll

    Tax DocumentsYou can find important tax and payroll documents below.

    Payroll Dates: 2022-2023

    Payroll Dates: 2021-2022



    Retirement Savings

    Piggy Bank IconWith the hurried pace of our everyday lives, it is difficult sometimes to slow down and plan for the future. Although retirement may seem far away, actions you take today can make a big difference when you reach retirement.

    Midway ISD offers retirement programs to its employees through the use of 403(b) tax-deferred annuities and 457 deferred compensation and the Teachers Retirement System (TRS). These plans allow employees to save designated amounts out of their paychecks before tax and place them into a variety of mutual funds, variable annuities and fixed annuities. Any earnings grow tax-deferred until withdrawn and are intended to supplement your TRS Pension Plan.



    Employee Giving

    Employee Giving IconMidway ISD employees are passionate about giving time, money, and skills to address the issues facing our community and the world. It’s part of our culture and how we live our mission.


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