Panther Kids After School Program

  • Panther Kids is a user-funded after-school program that takes pride in creating a fun & safe environment for MISD students until they are picked up. We have programming for pre-k through 8th grade, at each campus, every full day school is in session.

    Each day, once students are accounted for, groups transition through various stations such as snack, outside playtime (weather permitting), gym time, table games, and arts & crafts activities. We facilitate the opportunity for students to do homework or read, but Panther Kids is unable to provide formal tutoring.

    Each campus has an adult site director and assistant director. Panther Kids elementary staff are comprised of high school and college age group leads at a ratio of 1 to 12, and some adult group leads at a ratio of 1 to 24. Panther Kids middle school staff are comprised of adult staff at a ratio of 1 to 24. Staff members are first aid trained.

    Students must be able to interact safely and positively with other students in large group settings. Students are expected to be respectful, stay with their group, follow safety procedures, and take direction from all Panther Kids staff members.

    Pick-up is no later than 5:30 p.m. for elementary campuses and 5:45 p.m. for middle school campuses.

    There are no nurses or specialized personnel during the after-school program.

Registration Information

  • Registration open for 2022-23 school year.


    Applying to a campus that is currently full automatically places you on the wait list. Families are welcome to apply for the current school year through January 31 but will be on a waitlist until space opens in the grade level needed. Registration for the next school year begins each April; Midway employees apply each March (see Registration Process below).

    Even though registration and enrollment occur in the spring, sometimes space opens just prior to the school year beginning, as well as sometimes during the year; however, sometimes no space opens in the grade level needed. Those families that remain on the waitlist do get to apply the following year prior to open registration for a better chance to secure a spot in the program. But, since space is limited each year, there is no guarantee. The non-refundable, annual application fee is $25.00 per family.

    Submitting an online application does not ensure a spot in the program. An automated email that your application was received ensures that we have your application. An enrollment email will be sent to you if your child has a spot in the Panther Kids program. That spot must be confirmed by making the first tuition payment.

    Once you apply, your children will either be enrolled into Panther Kids or enrolled onto the waitlist; read the enrollment email.

    If no spots are currently available for your child's campus/grade level, your children will be enrolled onto the waitlist for their campus. When we have an opening for your child, you will receive an enrollment email.  If you no longer need the spot, please reply to the email.  If you do need the spot, pay the first tuition by June 1 or within 3 calendar days to secure the spot.  Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

Registration Process

  • EACH YEAR Every Family MUST register for Panther Kids After School Care & for Free/Reduced Discounts.  There is an annual, non-refundable $25 application fee per family that must be paid online at time of registration.

    To apply for enrollment, click this yellow hot link to visit the EZ ChildTrack Parent Portal . If using a smartphone or iPad, click on "Switch to Desktop Version" or "Full Site Version" before logging in or creating an account.

    Panther Kids tiered registration start dates:
    April 1     Currently Enrolled Families
    April 15   Families on this year’s Waitlist
    April 29   Open Registration Begins

    For the Free and Reduced Priced Meal Application visit Tuition discount available for children who qualify.

    Visit the Tuition & Payment page for due dates and payment choices.

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