• Midway ISD Multimedia Project Requests 


    Midway ISD's Communications Team can turn your creative ideas into reality. Whether it is an event, a new program, a webpage overhaul, a social media campaign or beyond, our staff will work with you to get the best results.

    To ensure maximum efficiency and productivity, we ask that you review our process below and understand that we need to enforce our timelines.


    Step 1: Review Project Timelines & Services

    Depending on the scope of a project, timelines may be shortened or extended. The communications and marketing team is always happy to discuss long-term planning in order to "pre-book" and schedule your projects.

    Once you've submitted the form with all required information, we can meet to discuss how long your project will take. Generally, all jobs will take between two-five weeks to complete. Some may be longer or shorter depending on scope.

    General Timelines:

    Keep in mind when considering timelines, all printed materials (posters and flyers) promoting an event should be posted for a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

    Urgent Requests:

    We understand, sometimes “rush jobs” come up. The Communications Team will try to accommodate urgent requests. However, out of courtesy for those projects already in progress for other departments and campuses, please plan ahead for annual events and other anticipated needs.


    Step 2: Use Available Resources

    There are several online resources that are free to use to help you develop your projects. Here are few that we recommend.

  • Step 3: Verify Goals & Budget

    District Impact:
    Unfortunately, priority isn't as straightforward as whichever projects are due sooner. Priority will always be given to pre-planned projects that directly impact district goals. Please be sure to indicate if your project is part of the Board's adopted goals, District Improvement Plan, Campus Improvement Plan, or Superintendent's annual goals. If you have a new (unplanned) project or a project outside the scope of prioritized district business, please indicate that you have arranged available funds to outsource work or pay extra duty.

    Project Goals:
    Prepare your initial thoughts on project goals. Ask yourself, "Who do you want to do what?" The graphic, video, invitation, or flyer is simply a vehicle for getting your message to a designated audience in order to spark an response.

    Printed items will be bid out by the Communications Team, but your department will need to handle the purchase order and payment process from your own budget. Limited color copies as large as 11x17" from the Administration Building copier can be billed to your supply budget without a PO process.


    Step 4: Submit Project Request

    Click below to access the project request form. (Submit simple edits for the website here.)

    Click Here to Submit a Project Request