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    Class Behavior System


    Color Change System
    This will be documented in their take home folder each day! Please initial each date box.

    Our school and classroom rules are as follows

    1. Respect Yourself

    2. Respect Adults

    3. Respect Other Students

    4. Respect South Bosque Elementary School


    We will use a color code system to keep track of behavior and consequences. Daily behavior will be noted on the Behavior Report in your child’s Take Home Folder. A blank square for the day indicates great behavior. Students are first given a verbal warning when a class rule is broken. If the rule continues to be broken, the student’s color is changed.


    Consequences are as follows:


    Yellow: Walk the track ½ recess

    Orange: Walk the track all of recess

    Red: Contact parent and/or referral to office


    In 2nd grade, students work hard to become more responsible for their own assignments and homework.