• Behavior System


    New Cell
    Your child will spend his/her day in a positive environment where the expectations for behavior are clear and consistent.  Each second grader is expected to be a good listener, a careful worker, and a caring friend.  To help the students be their very best, we expect all children to follow these rules at all times in school:
    1. Follow all directions quickly.
    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
    4. Make smart choices.
    5.  Keep your dear teacher happy !
      6. Be a caring friend! 
    **Severe behavior problems will be immediately referred to a principal.
    If a child chooses to follow the rules, these are some of the good things that will happen:
    1. He/she will come home with a clean block on his/her assignment book behavior chart for the day.
    2. We will send home good notes and make positive calls throughout the year.
    3. He/she may get to choose from the prize box or sticker drawer.
    4. He/she may earn extra privileges.
    5. Our class will have marble jar rewards and exciting special events!

    Your child is precious and deserves the very best educational environment possible.  Thank you for supporting our class by stressing the importance of good behavior in school to your child.  Please hug him/her when you sign a clean, white square behavior chart each day.  If you ever do see a note about behavior, please talk to your child about what happened and ways to improve his/ her behavior the following day.   If you ever have any questions about behavior or anything else in school, we would be happy to talk with you!