•                         Homework


    Homework will be given for extra practice and  reinforcement of skills taught in class.  It also provides a great way for you to be actively involved with what your child is learning at school!  Math and spelling homework will be given each Monday to be returned by Friday. Please encourage your child to complete homework independently.  Then, check and correct your child's work together to clarify any misunderstandings.  In addition, your child will be expected to participate in reading activities by listening to someone else read, reading with another person or reading alone for at least 20 minutes each night.  Titles should be recorded in your child's reading log, which will be stapled on the front of your child's homework packet.  Spelling word lists will be sent home most Mondays (beginning several weeks after school starts) and tested on Fridays.  Occasionally, special language, writing or creative projects will be sent home .  Children who do not return homework by Friday will lose recess time after two "Oops Passes" per nine weeks have been given out. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions about homework.  I would be glad to help!