Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a fever?
    If your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, he/she is required to stay home until able to maintain a temp less than 100 for 24 hours without the use of medicaiton to do so.
    What is the rule about keeping inhalers with the student? HB   requires that students be offered the opportunity to keep life saving medications with them as long as the proper documentation has been filed with the nurse. 
    Can I give my child a pill to take on his own at lunch time?
    Medications must be kept in the nurse"s office.  No student should have medications in the classroom or in their backpacks.  (Life saving meds registered in the nurse"s office are the only exception)  Medications should all be in the original container, accompanied by the Medication Administration Request Form
    My child has occasional headaches.  Can I leave medicine with the nurse all year to give as needed? Yes, medication can be kept in the nurse"s office throughout the school year to be administered as needed.  The Medication Administration Request Form should be completed and signed by the parent and physician to "make available throughout current school year."