• Nurse Pass


    Girl using inhaler

    Basics of policies concerning the administration of medications at school:
    1. All medications must be brought to the campus nurse in the original container.
    2. All prescription meds must have proper pharmacy label.
    3. All medications administered at school must be accompanied by a Medication Administration Request.  **See link below
    4. A doctor"s signature is required for any meds to be administered longer than 10 days. 
    Basics of policies specifically pertaining to Asthma Management:
    1. Inhalers must have pharmacy label attached or be sent in the box with the pharmacy label.
    2. Unit dose meds for the nebulizer must be sent to school in the box with the pharmacy label.
    3. The Asthma Medication Administration Request Form must be completed by the parent and physician including the Asthma Action Plan.  ** See link below