• Hewitt Elemetary PE at a glance.....


    diving penguinsWeek 1:

    Rules of the gym.  What is a "good sport?"

    Play partner and cooperative games.   

    Learn personal space.

    Week 2-6:

    Teach fitness concepts appropriate for age and grade level.  Focus will be on muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and flexibility.

    All students fitness goals are based on fitnessgram. 3rd and 4th grade students will be tested using the fitnessgram in the spring.

    All locomotor skills for K-2-...skipping, galloping, sliding, running, leaping, jumping, and hoping will be emphasized.  Students will be given a skills test to check for understanding. 

    Students in 3rd and 4th grade will be tested on the major muscle groups.


     3rd and 4th graders will learn basic volleyball skills: bump, set, underhand serve.  Lead-up volleyball games.  Player positions and rules of the game.

    K-2 will learn the skill of setting -using balloons or very light weight balls.

    3rd and 4th will be tested on volleyballs rules/history and skills.

    football3-9th week:

    Football-proper throwing, catching, and running with the football. Lead-up games.

    x-ray10th - 12th week:

    -Square dance, folk dance, and popular dances. 

    Learning the skeletal system. Grades 3 and 4 will be tested on the skeletal system.

    jump rope graphic13th week - Learn basic jump rope skills.  Students will be able to practice Wednesday and Friday for the entire 6 weeks to complete 7 of the 13 skills listed.  K and 1 will be tested and recorded for a skill grade on the report card for the 4th 6 weeks grading period.  

    3rd-4th will learn more difficult jump rope skills-skier, bell, criss-cross, single leg jump, and have the opportunity to learn double dutch.

    3rd and 4th graders will have the opportunity to learn 25 jump rope skills.  Students will earn 10 points toward a jump rope grade on their report card.  

    lady with apple During November we will discuss the food pyramid, proper nutrition and learn how to read food labels. We will play many games involving proper nutrition and what happens to our bodies if we do not make healthy food choices.

    3rd and 4th will be tested on their knowledge of the basic food groups and the importance of proper nutrition.

    basketballDecember and January we will learn to dribble, shoot, bounce pass, and chest pass.  Students in 3rd and 4th grade will learn positions and play a week long basketball tournament.

    K-2 will play lead-up games to basketball and learn basketball fundamentals.

    3rd and 4th grade will be tested on skills..

    dancers graphicStudents will learn simple folk dances or popular western dances.

    Review games of students choice.

    soccer ballMarch will bring on soccer and fundamental soccer moves.

    Dribble and shoot to goal.

    Lead-up soccer games.

    baseball/ mitApril -simple tossing and catching games for K-2.  Rules of baseball and player positions.

    Lead-up baseball games.

    May : 1st and 2nd graders will participate at field day from 9-11:00 at MISD track.

              3rd and 4gh graders will participate at field day from 12:00-2:00 at MISD track.

    - get ready for the track meet.  We will compete in the standing long jump, softball throw and the obstacle course at school.  Students will practice running form, how to stay in their lanes, and how to run through the finish.  Above all....be Good Sports!!!

    Track Meet  May 19th