Common Characteristics of Gifted Children:

    • Ability to comprehend material several grade levels above their age-like peers
    • Surprising emotional depth and sensitivity at a young age
    • Strong sense of curiosity
    • Enthusiastic about unique interests and topics
    • Quirky or mature sense of humor
    • Creative problem solving and imaginative expression
    • Absorbs information quickly with few repetitions needed
    • Self-aware, socially aware, and are of global issues

    The National Associate for Gifted Children lists additional traits of giftedness that you may find useful. Of course, each gifted student is unique and may present with a mix of any combination of these traits or none at all. 

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  • It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between a high achiever and a gifted learner. Check out  Bertie Kingore's three-column comparison of how the characteristics of each compare. 

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Midway ISD Gifted and Talented Program


    Midway ISD believes that students identified as gifted/talented show a passion for learning, solve problems in unique ways, and require support from professionals who are sensitive to gifted students' individual learning needs. We believe that services for the gifted must focus on learning strengths to foster their abilities to work successfully both alone and with other gifted/talented students, as well as cooperatively with all students. Gifted and Talented students come from all races, socio-economic strata, geographic locales, and environments. They exhibit unique needs and have unusual abilities and talents, which merit recognition and nurturing.

    Mission Statement

    Midway ISD offers an advanced and challenging curriculum through an array of differentiated learning experiences that provide greater depth and complexity than found in the district’s core curriculum.  The differentiated curriculum moves at a pace and level of learning that is appropriate for the gifts and talents of the students.

    Program Goals

    1. Gifted and Talented students will develop healthy self-concepts relative to their giftedness and interact effectively with other gifted students, peers, and society.
    2. Using depth and complexity, gifted and talented students will employ advanced critical and creative thinking skills to generate complex and intricate  ideas and products appropriate to their giftedness.
    3. Gifted and Talented students will acquire the necessary advanced and self-directed learning skills to become independent and creative members of society.


    2022-2023 GT Handbook

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