School Closings and Weather Delays

  • Click here to download a PDF parent guide for weather-related closings.

    During the winter months especially, inclement weather may cause Midway ISD to close or delay the school day.

    Notification regarding any school closing or delay will be broadcast on local radio and TV stations starting at 6:30 a.m and will also be posted on the district web homepage, Please listen to the TV or radio for notification. Midway ISD will notify all local media outlets of closings and delays. In addition, please check Midway's Facebook and Twitter for updates when available. Parents will receive an email for any closures or delays, and potentially a broadcast phone call or text for emergency situations.

    Roads will be driven by district staff during early morning hours to make decisions on closing or delaying school. The safety of our students, parents and employees is very important to us. Please be patient with us during any inclement weather days so that we may effectively and efficiently serve the public interest.