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    Constitution for the National Honor Society

    Mediavia Chapter


    Article I: Name and Purpose


    Section 1.  The name of this organization shall be the Mediavia Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools (NHS).

    Section 2.  The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in the students of Midway High School.


    Article II: Membership


    Section 1.  Membership in NHS is based upon scholarship, service, leadership and character.

    Section 2.  Any junior or senior is eligible for membership in NHS regardless of religion, creed or ethnic origin.

    Section 3.  Eligibility requirements for membership in NHS:

    a.    Students must have a cumulative high school grade point average of 97.0.

    b.    A student may receive no more than one demerit during his/her high school years prior to induction.

    c.     A student may not have a strike resulting from infractions of the Extracurricular Student Discipline Management Plan.

    d.    Student membership is subject to faculty approval through faculty evaluations of service,   leadership and character.  Final approval of membership is made by the Faculty Council.

    e.    Students who fail to submit required forms for admission their junior year will not be extended an invitation their senior year, even though they still meet all eligibility   requirements.

    f.     Students who are rejected for membership their junior year will not be extended an invitation their senior year, even though they still meet all eligibility   requirements.

       Section 4.     Any active member of NHS who transfers to Midway High School is automatically accepted as a member in the Mediavia Chapter:

    a.    Upon presentation of a statement from the adviser of the chapter from which he/she transfers.

    b.    Must meet the Mediavia eligibility standards outlined in Section 3.a, b above within one semester to retain membership.

    Section 5.  Membership in National Junior Honor Society does not carry over to National Honor Society.


    Article III:  Maintaining Membership


    Section 1.  Members must pay the approved membership dues.

    Section 2.  Members must maintain a cumulative 97.0 grade point average.

    Section 3.  Members must complete twenty hours of community service, including a designated number of hours of tutoring outside regular school hours.

    Section 4.  Members in good standing will be recognized at graduation by:

    a.       Wearing honor stoles with the NHS emblem during graduation exercises.

    b.      Having  the NHS seal affixed to their diploma.

    c.       Being duly noted as an active member in the graduation bulletin.


    Article IV:  Dismissal


    Section 1.  Members who receive a demerit after induction

                          a.   Will be dismissed if it is the second demerit during their high school career.

    b.   If it is their first demerit during their high school career may appeal dismissal to the principal within ten days of the issuance of the demerit. The principal makes the final determination regarding continued membership.

    Section 2. Active members will be dismissed for any of the following occurrences after induction:

    a.       Receiving a demerit for academic dishonesty.

    b.      Any administrative expulsion or suspension from school.

    c.       Receiving a strike as a result from infractions of the Extra Curricular Student Discipline Management Plan.

    Section 3.  Any student who is dismissed from NHS will be dropped from the membership roll.

    Section 4.  Members subject to dismissal will be notified in writing.

    Section 5.  Any member who has been dropped from the NHS rolls cannot be reinstated.


    Article V:  Officers


    Section 1.  National Honor Society officers of the Mediavia Chapter shall include:  president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and reporter.

    Section 2.  NHS officers will be elected by the junior membership following the spring induction.

    Section 3.  NHS officers will be elected by popular vote with no runoff.