Welcome to Midway High School Marine Corps JROTC "Panther Company” website.
    All Midway High School students may join the Marine Corp Junior ROTC program, either as an elective or a substitute for Physical Education. 
    The Marine Junior ROTC program has a standard curriculum that includes a variety of academic subjects in the following areas: Leadership, Citizenship, Personal Growth and Responsibility, Public Service, and Career Exploration. In addition to the standard Marine Corps Junior ROTC classes, the program includes distinguished guest speakers, significant outdoor training and physical fitness and lastly and most importantly, living the values of the Marine Corps daily. In addition, cadets are taught military drill (marching, saluting, etc.), flag etiquette, and proper wear of the Marine Corp uniform.
    Moreover, community-service projects, field trips, precision-marching competitions, and physical-fitness challenges provide opportunities for leadership and teamwork development, all of which look great on applications for jobs, scholarships, and college admission.
    Each cadet is issued – free of charge – all uniform items, books, and curriculum materials. There are no fees to join MCJROTC.
    And one last very important note – participation in MCJROTC does not obligate any cadet to join any branch of the military... ever. We are a citizenship program, not a recruiting program.