Panther Kids For Staff

  • Panther Kids is an after-school program that operates each day school is in session serving students in grades Prekindergarten through 8th grade at their respective campuses. Once students are accounted for, groups transition through various stations such as snack, outside playtime (weather permitting), gym time, table games, and arts & crafts activities. We facilitate the opportunity for students to work on homework or read, but Panther Kids is unable to provide formal tutoring. Each campus has an adult site director and assistant director. Panther Kids' Elementary staff are comprised of high school and college age group leads at a ratio of 1 to 12, and some adult group leads at a ratio of 1 to 24. Panther Kids' Middle school staff are comprised of adult staff at a ratio of 1 to 24. Staff members are First Aid trained.

    There are no nurses or specialized personnel during the after-school program.

    Panther Kids is self-funded through fees paid by the guardians of students enrolled.

    Panther Kids Program Guide, Policies, & Expectations for Employees

  • Registration/Enrollment March 1

    Panther Kids is open to any Full-Time Midway ISD employee with Midway ISD students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade must register for Panther Kids each year. Midway employees that register in the month of March are guaranteed a spot.

    Click Here to Register (must login or create a new account)

    To secure your child's spot once enrolled, pay the 1st tuition or fill out the payroll deduct form by June 1. If enrolled after June1, the 1st tuition payment or payroll deduct form is due 3 days after enrollment or no later than the first day of attendance, whichever comes first.

    Students who registered, but cannot enroll because spots are not available will be put on a waitlist. Students considered enrolled in Panther kids only after guardian have completed the online application, paid the non­ refundable family registration fee, and received a confirmation email stating enrolment for current school year. If you register, but don't receive a confirmation email, you are on the waitlist.

    ** Panther Kids Withdrawal Form **

    Yearly fees for Panther Kids of Full-Time Employees

    Elementary Pricing
    $765 per year for each child or $85 monthly per child.

    Qualifying free/reduced tuition:
    $720 per year for each child or $80 monthly per child.

    Middle School Pricing:
    $495 per year for each child or $55 monthly per child. 

  • Methods of Payment

    Manually Through EZ Child Track:

    The 1st tuition payment for the next school year is due June 1 if paying manually. This initial payment covers August and September. The next manual payment will be due October 1, and the 1st of each month until May.

    A $15 late fee will be applied on the 4th calendar day of the month. If the monthly tuition, including the late fee, is not received by the 16th of the month, the account will be delinquent and the student(s) will not attend Panther Kids until balance is paid. Student(s) may also be withdrawn or dismissed from Panther Kids due to insufficient funds given as payment. The student(s) may be withdrawn from the program upon habitual late payments of tuition late fees and not be allowed to re-enroll in Panther Kids for the remainder of the current school year.

    Monthly tuition payments made solely through EZ Child Track by credit/debit card ($2.50 fee/mo.) money order or e-check ($.75 fee/mo.).

    Payments exceeding your balance will show up as credit (-$0.00) on your account. Payments will automatically deduct from credit on your account until fully paid, or it uses all remaining credit and leaves a balance.

    Payroll Deduct:
    Payroll deduct form must be received by June 1. 

    The 1st tuition payment for employees enrolled in payroll deduct will be automatically drafted September 15, and will do so the 15th of every month until May.

    Panther Kids Operation Dates/Times

    Begins on the 1st day of school and ends on last staff development day in May.

    Panther Kids will be open for employees on January staff development and early release days.

    Panther Kids starts daily after school until 5:30 pm. for elementary and 5:45 pm. for middle school.

    Tax Statements

    Midway ISD EMPLOYEES who use PRD:

    If you pay Panther Kids' monthly tuition through payroll deduction, look for an email sent by Shana McCune or Amy Hartstack with the subject line, "Midway ISO Panther Kids Tuition Receipt" in the spring.

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