• A student athlete who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 must receive clearance from a physician prior to returning to participation in UIL activities. 

    After the student athlete turns in the doctor’s note they must then complete the return to play protocol. 


    • Return to Play 
    • This is necessary because not everyone has the same symptoms or reactions to Covid-19. The athlete must go through Return to Play to be allowed to return to full participation. 

     If any symptoms occur (including excessive fatigue) while going through RTP, the athlete must return to the previous stage and progress again after a minimum of 24 hours’ period of rest without symptoms. 

    • Day 1 Light Activity - Stationary Bike 15 minutes 
    • Day 2 Frequency of Training Increases with Simple Movement Activities - Eliptical 15 minutes 
    • Day 3 Training Increases with Progression to more Complex Training Activities - Running continously for 15 minutes 
    • Day 4 Intensity of Training Increase to Normal Training Activities - Heart Rate less than 80% / Duration = 60 minutes or less 
    • Day 5 Resume Normal Training Progression with Normal Training Drills - No restrictions 
    • Day 6 Return to competition