COVID-19 Daily Summary


    January 5 update: In the documentation below about the dashboard data, please note that there may be a discrepency between campus notifications and dashboard numbers listed. The main conflict, which occurs regularly, is that cases are usually not reported to MISD on the same day that symptoms occured BUT the active case count is dependent on the symptom start date and course of the illness. In other words, emails sent by principals to parents will summarize the daily reported cases, but the dashboard records the actual status of enrolled students and staff who are absent due to COVID-19 that day


    January 4, 2022: Dashboard data and parent notification letters may not be in sync at this time due to conflicting reporting issues of cases that occurred before and during the holiday break, when no students were exposed at school. A thorough analysis will be conducted immediately and accurate numbers reported on January 5.


    As of Nov. 1, 2021, MISD will no longer commit staff time to update the dashboard on weekends and school holidays.

Dashboard Information

  •  What is displayed

    • Click on any campus bar to see campus-specific data and timeline. Click back in the white area to see district-wide again.
    • The timeline at the bottom shows total active cases. The cases rolling over from the previous day are in pink and the new cases are in blue. Together they are the daily count of active cases.
    • The dashboard displays ACTIVE cases (from the day of symptoms or reported positive) plus 10 days. This gives a snapshot of how much of the campus population is affected by positive cases that day in time. 
    • The dashboard does NOT display cumulative cases. For cumulative data, you can add the daily new cases or refer to the DSHS data reported at the state level. DSHS data is updated weekly with a one-week delay.
    • The dashboard displays all student and staff cases reported to MISD that are confirmed positive by a test or doctor diagnosis. Interns and substitutes are recorded as staff if they were on campus while presumably contagious.


    Data capture & refresh details

    • The dashboard captures campus data each evening at 6:00 p.m. There may be website delays in refreshing what is displayed following the 6:00 capture. Anything entered after 6:00 will not be reflected until after the next day's capture.

    How could there be discrepancies in what is posted or communicated elsewhere?

    • Delayed connection between website and data systems: There may be website delays in refreshing the display following the 6:00 data capture. 
    • Daily data that is not recorded prior to 6:00 p.m.: Anything entered by campus staff after 6:00 will not be reflected until after the next day's capture. This means it will not appear in the dashboard data until the next reporting time and refresh has taken place BUT it will accurately appear backdated to the correct day. 
    • FREQUENT SITUATION -- If a case is not reported the same day as symptoms begin and/or covid-positive is confirmed: Because a COVID case may not be reported to MISD on the same day as the beginning of symptoms or the positive test, we will enter the case once reported AND correct the case's beginning date once the correct date is known. This can change the historical data showing on a previous date, but the change is a more accurate reflection of the correct timeline for each case. For example, on late Tuesday night after the day's parent notifications have already been sent, a parent may report to the campus that their child was sick on Monday and tested positive. In this case, a parent email would go out in Wednesday's daily parent notification and the nurse would record the start of symptoms as Monday. On Wednesday after 6:00 p.m., this would reflect on the dashboard as a new case for Monday and remain active for 8 more days.
    • Data from prior to 8/31/21: Data prior to 8/31/21 is only available on the DSHS site.