Midway Middle School Nurse's Office

    Basic Midway ISD procedures regarding the administration of medication at school:
    • All medication must kept in the school clinic.
    • All medication must be in the original container. All prescription medication must have the correct pharmacy label.
    • All medication administered at school must be accompanied by a Medication Administration Request Form. 
    • A physician's signature is required for any medication that needs to be administered for 10 days or more.

    Basic Midway ISD procedures specifically pertaining to asthma management:

    • Inhalers must have be in the original box or canister with pharmacy label attached.
    • Unit dose nebules for the nebulizer must be sent to school in the box with the pharmacy label.
    • The Asthma Medication Administration Request Form must be completed by the parent and physician including the Asthma Action Plan.