Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. If we choose virtual learning will their after-school spot be saved?

    When in-person learning is an option, the spot must continue to be secured with that month’s tuition payment since we have a wait list at each campus and because Panther Kids is a user-funded program. The first tuition payment secured your child’s spot through the end of September. (If you pay tuition online it was due June 1 or three days after enrollment; Midway employees paying via payroll deduction secure their spot by submitting completed PRD form. Log onto your account anytime to see balance. Tuition for the following month posts a few days before the first day of the next month.)

    2. If we choose virtual learning, can they still attend Panther Kids?

    No. If a child is not on campus during the school day, they cannot attend the after-school program.

    3. If the entire district gets moved into a virtual learning mode, will Panther Kids spot be saved?

    Yes. If your child is enrolled in Panther Kids and the parent has secured their spot with that month’s tuition payment, their spot will remain secure*.

    4. Will the tuition payment schedule remain the same?

    Yes. *Since the pandemic will continue to be a fluid situation, we will make adjustments in the spring as needed (or when a family withdraws) and prorate for dates if the entire district must move to learning virtually. The first tuition covers school days through the end of September. The next tuition payments are due online the first day of each month, October – May. Or, if you pay tuition via Midway’s payroll deduction, the first tuition payment will be in September and continue out of your monthly paycheck through May.

    5. Can we withdraw from Panther Kids (after-school care) if we choose virtual learning and then reapply if we later decide to choose face-to-face learning for our child/children?

    Yes. Monthly tuition payments secure your child’s spot for that month; so by the 25th of the month prior to when you no longer need after-school care, you would need to complete the Google Withdrawal Form that can be found on the Panther Kids’ page. Once your account has been adjusted as needed, your account would be closed. You would just need to contact us to reactivate it. Then, you could re-apply. Please note though that we fill vacated spots with children from the wait list and therefore cannot guarantee that a space would be available when you need it again.

    6. I am now in need of after-school care, can I apply?

    Every campus is full at this time with a wait list. However, if there are a lot of families that choose virtual learning, we may have space open up. Applying now automatically puts you on the waitlist and should a space open up soon or anytime throughout the school year, we can contact those on the waitlist next in line for that grade level.

    7. I have applied and have not received an enrollment email for the Panther Kids 2020-21 after-school program; am I automatically on the wait list?


    8. If I am on the wait list, what are my chances to get a space before school starts?

    Since virtual learning is currently an option, families may choose to withdraw from our program; therefore, if space opens, we will enroll from the wait list. If we are able to enroll your child, we will email you. The tuition must be paid online within 3 days to secure that spot.