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    Money Icon We Thank You For Your Ongoing Commitment to Our Students & Teachers!

    Thank you for your interest in substituting for Midway Independent School District and becoming a substitute teacher.

    Our substitute teachers are an important educational component in our schools and we appreciate your efforts in helping to facilitate the learning process. Whether you are a returning substitute or applying for the first time, we want your experience in Midway ISD to be a positive one for both you and the students.

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    Money Icon Competitive salaries have an exponential impact in a low cost of living community.

    • Substitute pay = $100 per day

    Long term substitute assignment pay.

    • Degreed = $110 per day
    • Certified = $125 per day




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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once I fill out the substitute application, how long will it take to process my paperwork so that I can accept an assignment?

    Once we show a completed application, evidence that you have the appropriate hours (uploaded transcript or teaching certificate), and two of your references have replied to the reference report, we process your application.

    Do I need to be fingerprinted to be a substitute and what is the cost?

    State law requires that substitutes be fingerprinted in order to be in the classroom with students. If you were fingerprinted for another school district or were fingerprinted for a teaching certificate, you do not need to go through the process again. However, if you fingerprinted for an entity that was NOT for educational purposes (daycare, conceal carry, etc), you will need to go through the process. The cost is $50.

    Will the district pay for the cost of my fingerprinting?

    No. Being fingerprinted is part of the employment eligibility.

    How do I get trained to be a substitute?

    Once we start the onboarding process, you will receive a substitute handbook that will guide you through the process.

    What defines a long term substitute assignment?

    When a certified teacher will be out a minimum of two weeks.

    When does long term substitute pay begin?

    The 1st day of the long term substitute assignment begins.



    Contact Us For Help

    Contact UsIf you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Benefits Office.

    Kelcie Griggs
    Human Resources Manager
    254-761-5610 ext. 1136