Midway ISD COVID-19 Active Case Mobile Dashboard

    • The dashboard is updated each morning to reflect active cases.
    • The dashboard is created to give parents a transparent report on the current conditions in which their child(ren) attend school. We hope to dispel rumors of outbreaks by providing factual data on this dashboard, and to eliminate confusion of actual cases versus people absent due to quarantine or any other numerous reasons. MISD will also notify guardians of campus and classroom cases via email, and we will contact guardians directly if contact tracing investigations indicate probable exposure.
    • Information for the dashboard is compiled by MISD nurses based on a count of confirmed positive cases. MISD will not share personally identifiable information about individuals who have tested positive.
    • The dashboard includes the number of current (active) cases in each grade at each campus.
    • Percentages are calculated with full campus enrollment including virtual students to account for movement between instructional settings (i.e. enrollment changes and quarantine), virtual student participation in school extracurricular activities, and virtual students visiting campus for instructional support services.