Workers' Compensation


    Step One:

    • If this is an emergency or life-threatening, call 911.
    • Report the incident to the campus nurse or to immediate supervisor if the nurse is unavailable.

    Step Two:

    • Injured person or nurse will complete the injury report and submit.
    • There is a list of authorized clinics on the MISD website; one of those should be chosen.
    • Please call Kelcie Griggs (ext 1136) prior to going to Urgent Care so she can call ahead and authorize care. NOVA has pre-authorization on file. 

    Step Three:

    • The physician will examine the employee and advise as to when he/she can return to work.  The physician will complete a Texas Workers’ Compensation Work Status Report and provide a copy to the employee and the District.
    • If there is a follow-up appointment, it is the employee’s responsibility to go or run the risk of the claim being denied.



    The following Occupational Medicine Clinics Accept Workers' Compensation Cases


    Central Texas Urgent Care
    1201 Hewitt Drive, Suite 203
    Open Mon.-Sat. 9am-9pm
    Open Sun. 1pm-9pm

    Nova Medical Center
    408 North Valley Mills, Suite 408F
    Open Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-6pm
    The clinic is bilingual and offers van pickup and return.

    Providence Occupational Medicine Clinic
    701 West Loop 340, Suite A
    Open Mon.-Fri. 8am-5:00pm

    Concentra Medical Center
    4205 Franklin Ave
    Open Mon.-Fri. 8am-5:30pm

    Waco Works Occupational Medicine and Rehabilitation
    3919 West Waco Drive
    Open Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm



    Employees refusing medical care:

    If the administrator in charge believes there is a possible injury but the employee does not believe he/she needs medical attention, MISD cannot force the employee to seek medical attention.  However, the administrator should still complete the First Report of Injury.

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