Employee Wellness



    The vision of the Midway ISD Employee Wellness Program is to create a wellness culture that will empower employees to lead healthier and well-balanced lives. The mission is to improve employee health, well-being, and quality of life by providing health and wellness education, a diverse selection of wellness programs, and an atmosphere that is conducive to health improvements. The ultimate goal is for all employees to make strides towards a healthier tomorrow.



    Employee Wellness Center

    The Midway Wellness Center features 24-hour access to men's and women's dressing rooms, lockers, showers, multiple treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and strength and resistance training machines. The center also includes a spacious room for group fitness classes with a large TV for online exercise videos. To view the facility, watch this video.

    The Midway Wellness Center is available to all employees at a monthly discounted rate. Monthly payments are payroll deducted. To cancel your membership you must contact payroll or benefits to stop the deductions.

    • Professionals - $10 per month
    • Paraprofessionals - $5 per month
    • Auxiliary - $3 per month

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