Medical Insurance

  • Midway ISD offers medical insurance plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Scott & White. Midway also contributes $417 dollars per month to employee medical plans.



    Flexible Spending Account

    A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to direct a part of your pay on a pre-tax basis, into a special account that can be used throughout the year to reimburse yourself for certain out-of-pocket medical expenses. Because your money goes into your reimbursement account before federal and state (where applicable) income taxes are withheld, you pay less in taxes and ultimately have more disposable income.

    With an FSA, the IRS requires a person to "use-it-or-lose-it" within the plan year (and Grace Period if applicable). "Use it or Lose it" means if you do not spend all the money you have elected, it will be forfeited, because under the IRS law it cannot be rolled over or refunded to you. Any money that you elect to set aside in an FSA for a given plan year may only be used for eligible expenses you incur for services received during that plan year (or Grace Period if applicable). It is very important that you plan carefully when deciding how much to allot for your FSA.



    Dependent Care Reimbursement Account

    A Dependent Care Reimbursement Account allows you to pay for the care of a child(ren) under age 13, handicapped dependents regardless of age, and elderly parents or for other “qualifying dependents” with “pre-tax” dollars. The maximum contributions are established by the IRS each calendar year.

    You must have made payments for dependent daycare to someone you could not claim as a dependent, and if the person you made payments to was your child, he or she must have been age 19 or over by the end of the tax year.



    Health Savings Account

    A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-favored account used for qualified medical expenses. The HSA is only allowed when paired with a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). With an HSA, your money is deposited through payroll deduction, tax-free, and is only available after the funds are deposited. The HSA funds can be used for qualified medical expenses not covered by insurance or for costs you incur before meeting your deductible. With an HSA, you decide which qualified medical expenses you would like to pay with your savings, this can include copays, coinsurance, prescriptions, vision and dental care, and more. The funds in your HSA grow tax-free until you need it most, and rollover year to year to create even more savings.


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