Past Distinguished Alumni Honorees

  • Bennie E. Lambert (Class of 1978)

    Bennie E. Lambert (Class of 1978)

    Honored in 2006: Bennie Lambert is the Vice President of North Harris College in Houston and President of the Lambert Group, a consulting company. He is a motivational speaker with a Ph.D. in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University. Recently he was awarded the “Young African American Achiever of Houston.”

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  • Brian Townley (Class of 1988)

    Brian Townley (Class of 1988)

    Honored in 2016: Brian began his banking career as a vocational student at Midway High School working as a bank teller. He quickly rose through the ranks of the banking world to become a Senior Vice President. The banking career opened doors to many other opportunities. In 2014, Brian released a leadership training program called “Chiseling a Leader” on DVD with Emmy award winning journalist Brandon Lee. He has also published two leadership books, including RIPPLeFFECT Leading from the Core, which shares insights into how leaders can expand their influence and leave lasting impressions that encourage success.

    In 2015, Brian entered into real estate with Waller Group Properties in Dallas before joining his mother, Ginger Townley, as a part of Paramount Realty & Management in Waco.

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  • David Cook (Class of 1975)

    David Cook (Class of 1975)

    Honored in 2007: Dr. Cook is a sport psychologist who has worked with many organizations such as the Washington Wizards, the World Champion San Antonio Spurs, PGA Tour and Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Cook is president of Mental Advantage, Inc., a performance enhancement firm. He is past president of the National Sport Psychology Academy. Dr. Cook is considered one of the country’s top motivational speakers and seminar leaders.

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  • Dr. Darrell Glenn Hill (Class of 1979)

    Dr. Darrell Glenn Hill (Class of 1979)

    Honored in 2005: Dr. Darrell Hill graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in electrical engineering from Rice University and also earned his M.S. and PhD from Stanford University, where he wrote his thesis on gallium-arsenide semiconductor devices. He has over 30 professional publications, holds 29 patents, and is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff with Freescale Semiconductor.

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  • Dr. Jim King (Class of 1975)

    Dr. Jim King (Class of 1975)

    Honored in 2017, Dr. King has served in many capacities in academic institutions including Dean of Business, Dean of Global Engagement and Director of The Global Center, Director of two difference graduate program in information systems, chair of a computer department and study abroad coordinator. He has also taught in higher education institutions for over 35 years. Jim leads student efforts around the world in supporting efforts of professional knowledge and skill set to make a difference in the lives or others and entire communities around the world. He has led trips or traveled to over 25 countries, most in the developing world. Jim’s degrees are from the University of Texas-Arlington and Baylor University. Dr. King also served on the steering comittee to create the Midway Alumni Network and served on the committee for twelve years.

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  • Dr. John Barnes Chapman (Class of 1956)

    Dr. John Barnes Chapman (Class of 1956)

    Honored in 2005: Dr. John Chapman, who served in the United States Navy for 20 years, is devoted to the advancement of mathematics in education. He has developed courses, participated in studies at the Smithsonian Institute, and has been chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Southwestern University for the last 15 years.

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  • Goldman "Sonny" Parrish (Class of 1957)

    Goldman "Sonny" Parrish (Class of 1957)

    Honored in 2008: Goldman “Sonny” Parrish served 36 years in the military and in federal positions as an electronics engineer, helping to develop, test and improve digital radar and telemetry tracking systems. Since his retirement in 1994, Parrish has become involved in assisting his neighbors in Milton, Florida in resolving environmental problems associated with the surrounding waterways.

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  • Judge Dale Wells (Class of 1970)

    Judge Dale Wells (Class of 1970)

    Honored in 2008: As ordained minister, Judge Wells began working on a law degree shortly after his move to California to pastor the Redlands Church of Christ. Obtaining his law license in 1994, Wells practiced in several areas before specializing in family law. He was elected as a Superior Court Commissioner in 2003 and as a Superior Court Judge in 2007 for the State of California, Count of Riverside. During this time, Judge Wells has continued to preach in the Riverside area.

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  • Kent A. Keahey (Class of 1966)

    Kent A. Keahey (Class of 1966)

    Honored in 2006: Kent Keahey is the President and CEO of Providence Healthcare Network in Waco. He is also past chairman of the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Mayor’s VA Task Force. While serving on the Task Force Keahey fought to keep open Waco’s Veteran’s Administration Hospital.

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  • Lanell Todd Armstrong (Class of 1970)

    Lanell Todd Armstrong (Class of 1970)

    Honored in 2005: Mrs. Lanell Armstrong is well known for founding the non-profit agency Crossfire, an outreach organization for the inner-city kids of Dallas. She has dedicated numerous years of her life to the education and encouragement of kids who face violence and poverty in their daily lives.

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  • Leah Witcher Jackson (Class of 1979)

    Leah Witcher Jackson (Class of 1979)

    Honored in 2005: Mrs. Leah Jackson, who earned her J.D. cum laude from Baylor Law School, joined the Baylor Law School faculty in 1989 and was named Associate Dean in 1991. She has served as a past president of both the Waco McLennan County Bar Association and the Midway ISD Education Foundation, along with serving on numerous organizations’ board of directors.

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  • Major Steven L. Dutschmann (Class of 1985)

    Major Steven L. Dutschmann (Class of 1985)

    Honored in 2005: Major Steven Dutschmann, a graduate of the Air Force Institute of Technology, has led air transportation specialists, was a member of the Source Selection Evaluation Teams for Air Education and Training Command, and has been deployed overseas for numerous operations. He recently assumed command of the 57th Component Maintenance Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

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  • dameron

    Marvin Dameron (Class of 1950)

    Honored in 2007: During his impressive career with Midway ISD, Marvin Dameron taught children in all grades from sixth grade to seniors, served as head coach of six different sports teams and as an elementary, junior high and high school principal. Mr. Dameron served as the curriculum director and textbook custodian before becoming associate superintendent and then superintendent in 1974. Mr. Dameron served Midway ISD for a total of 31 years, 15 of them as superintendent.

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  • Rick Brophy (Class of 1970)

    Rick Brophy (Class of 1970)

    Honored in 2006: Rick Brophy is a successful lawyer and senior partner in the law firm of Beard Kultgen Brophy Bostwick & Dickson, LLP. He currently serves as the past president of the Waco McLennan County Bar Association and Vice Chair of the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce. Brophy also holds the distinction of managing-coaching eight Midway girls youth fast-pitch softball teams to Little League, Junior League and Senior League World Championship titles.

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  • Sharon Grigsby (Class of 1975)

    Sharon Grigsby (Class of 1975)

    Honored in 2007: Ms. Grisgby is the deputy editorial page editor for the Dallas Morning News. She has held many different positions at the Dallas Morning News, including assistant managing editor/metro, city editor, national and political editor, and features/arts editor. Ms. Grigsby also served as the founding editor of the Dallas Morning News’ religion section. Ms. Grigsby has also worked for The Detroit News.

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  • Sharron McKethan Zachry (Class of 1969)

    Sharron McKethan Zachry (Class of 1969)

    Honored in 2008: Mrs. Zachry served as principal of Castleman Creek Elementary School before retiring from Midway ISD. Prior to this assignment, Mrs. Zachry served as principal at Hewitt Elementary and Midway High Schools. Sharron was known for her quick wit, strong leadership, and undying passion to contribute to the success of all her students. Sharron was also responsible for molding and encouraging many young teaching professionals.
    Sharron passed away in 2016.

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