• Auditory Impairment services are available for students who qualify with a hearing impairment and whose hearing loss interferes with educational performance even with recommended amplification. Eligibility for this program is determined on an individual basis by an Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee for students, ages birth -21 years. A Certified Auditory Impairment (AI) Teacher or Deaf Educator serves as a professional resource to students, staff, and families regarding educational impact of hearing loss as well as strategies and modifications to meet the needs of the student.

    Deaf Education and/or AI teachers provide direct services to students who qualify at his or her home campus. Direct services generally emphasize language development, managing assistive technology, and self-advocacy. Consult services focus attention on instructing district staff on appropriate instructional accommodations and/or modifications. These teachers also consult with the medical community and commercial equipment suppliers. 

    The local Regional Day School program for the Deaf/Hard of hearing (RDSPD) is located within Waco ISD. Midway ISD partners with Waco ISD to serve our highest need hearing impaired students when recommended by the ARD Committee.


    For more information about programs and services for hearing impaired students, please visit these websites:

    Texas School for the Deaf

    Region 12 Education Service Center

    Texas Health and Human Services